• Emily



  • Wendy Mitchell

    Hooooly crap, that’s hilarious. Now I know where to stop every morning for a good giggle (and I’ll be clickin’ on those ads, you can bet your ass[head] on it.)

    I had shingles over the holidays. The suckage, it was trememdous. I had them in the same place but, since I was not breastfeeding my granddaughter, I had an easier time of it. Hang in there Honey.

  • Amy’s hero is Horton

    Reading the ‘hate’ page feels the same as reading the crazy shit that is posted on Sarah Palin’s facebook page.

  • Alexa

    I thought you were exaggerating the amount of hate.

    Oh well. I’ve viewed a lot of angry comments (more money to you), as I enjoy your writing. One day, it would be great if I, too, could make a living as a writer.

  • http://wearethelindstroms.blogspot.com Jenn


    p.s. sorry about the shingles. the chances of your breastfed baby getting the chicken pox is pretty slim though. feel better soon!

  • Leigh

    Keep monetizing the hate and making your loyal readers crack up daily. You. Fucking. Rule.

  • Jill

    The hate comments are hilarious! I find it funny that people make enought time to email or comment on how awful you are – clearly they have nothing better to do :)

  • Rebecca Lake

    Your “hate” site is a stroke of genius and is absolutely hysterical… I love it… but I must say that it’s also quite sad that people could actually write stuff like that.

  • http://www.sonotzen.com Shana O’Brien

    Monetizing the hate = ABSOLUTE MAD GENIUS! kudos.

    Know what is worse than having SHINGLES!? Having a 15 year old son who somehow gets SHINGLES! Ouch.

  • http://www.jennkstep.com JennKstep

    My new very favorite curse-word is ASSHEAD. ^_^

  • http://www.toxtethreno.blogspot.com Anna

    Um, they’re so bad, inane and stupid that I can’t believe that real people actually wrote them. Wow, what fun!

  • jessajune

    Oh, man – I never read comments for this exact reason, but I think this is so awesome an idea that I went over to the hate section, read pages, and CLICKED ADS. Booya!

  • Gina

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Funniest shit EVER! Not the shingles. But the hate! Sad, but hilarious!

  • http://www.califmom.com califmom

    I got Shingles! (totally requires a fucking exclamation point) in college, which resulted in my then boyfriend (now husband) getting a scorching case of head-to-toe chicken pox. Why? Because he touched a single pimply bump when I said “touch this. What do you think it is?” Six weeks later, to the day, in the 110 degree heat of summer, just as we returned to campus he was quarantined to his apartment behind my sorority house as we rehearsed skits and songs for rush week. And he still married my ass. I must give a hell of a blow job. Or at least I did. We’ve been married for almost 15 years. I only use that kind of effort now when I need a new car or a major appliance. All this to say, I fucking FEEL YOUR MOTHER FUCKING PAIN (AND OH, THE PAIN). I hope they are allowing you some good pain meds.

  • shingle sisters

    Hi, Heather–

    I just wanted to let you know that I got shingles while bf’g, and the doctor (who I guess didn’t want to look it up and decided to err on the side of caution) told me that I couldn’t breastfeed while taking the meds. Meds, which are of courze, VALTREX. Because I had FACE HERPES.

    Anyway, the point is, you can breastfeed while on the medication, as i later found out, much to my chagrin. I’m sure you won’t get to this, the 1500th message, but in case you do, keep breastfeeding!(If you want to and it’s your pro-feminist choice and not the demands of the sanctimommies, etc. You know what I mean)

  • Donna

    I can’t believe people are so rude and hateful. They don’t have to read your blog. I hope that website brings in a lot of money!

  • The Spill

    Fan-fucking-tastic…to all the haters… UNFOLLOW!

  • Nina

    I’ve turned my ad blocker off just on “Monetizing the Hate” so you can earn some $$ off of these bullies. Keep it coming!

  • http://angelaraew.wordpress.com Angela


    Freaking LOVE the hate mail page :)

  • Ritamarie

    I don’t know why but when my husband gets Shingles we have taken to calling them the wickets. As in, “ugh I’ve got the wickets again”. And it is best said with sincere disgust although on occasion we also do THE WICKETS!

    Feel better.

  • http://msn.com jamiegirl

    I am sorry to the depths of my heart that you have shingles, as if breast feeding a newborn isn’t painful enough. You my dear, are a queen among women – I will never unfollow.

  • park city mormon democrat

    It’s all been said.. but i just wanted to say “brilliant” for finding someway to make people accountable for their internet comments. If you can’t say it to some ones face, then don’t type it. Karma is a funny thing… good or bad, it always comes back. LOVE IT!

  • Angie

    You crack me up! I love it :)

  • Emily

    Most of the hate mail is hilarious (I love that one person is so unoriginal that she keeps sending the exact same thing over and over), but some of it makes me think you must have the toughest skin on the planet. Not sure I could just shake that off and probably the biggest reason I quit blogging. Good for you for turning it against them and opening the lemonade stand.

  • http://www.SomethingOnYourFace.com Sharon Reynolds

    I click on an ad each time I read a new hate email.

    The recurring theme in them is jealousy.

  • http://mykarateisforreal.blogspot.com/ rebecca in chicago

    Long time lurker, first time poster. (If memory serves.)

    If anyone ever calls me an asshat or worse, I usually substitute the word “human” in it’s stead.

    1) It cracks me up.
    2) It’s true.
    3) It reminds me that no matter how nutters they are or filled with menace, the accuser and myself have at least that much in common, so it’s easier to let just let go and move on.

    Ex: “You are such a F***ING HUMAN!” “You are full of HUMAN!” “Why don’t you go HUMAN yourself?”

    Takes all the wind out of the hateration sails.

    But Monetizing The Hate?
    That is Crazy Brillant.

    Kudos. And keep on trucking.

  • margalit

    Monetizing the Hate has to be the best idea ever. My favorite comment is this piece of pure genius “Now go cash your WIC, welfare, and meet your HUD qualifications so you can keep writing delusional pieces of self absorbed garbage that only YOU thinks is good.”. It’s great to know that you get accused of being a welfare queen just like me, and by the same bunch of morons, too!

    Thank you for adding the names to the posts. Of course on Michele Yaokum McIdiot’s blog these brainiacs were discussing the legality of publishing their words on your blog. Because they’re all the sharpest legal minds in the US.

    It does amuse me no end that so many limited women could find one place to hang out and gang up on a few posters. But then again, stupid is as stupid does. Like minds and all that!

    Funniest shit on the interwebs.

  • http://www.eri-thon.blogspot.com Erin

    You are the second person whose blog I’ve read today to get a diagnosis of shingles! Is there a shingles epidemic or what?

    My husband had shingles when he was 24. It hurt so bad on his side/hip area that he couldn’t even wear pants without being in pain. I think there’s a witty comment in there about you and your hatred of pants, but I’ll let the actual witty people come up with it.

  • Joles

    I am so so sorry about the shingles. I’ve had them twice, and they suck. Granted, I wasn’t nursing when I had them.

    I hope sharing the stupidity and making some money off of the haters helps with the stress…that, and the nursing, and everything else is probably depleting your immune system, which is what lets the shingles out of the bag (literally. Apparently it sits dormant in the sheaths of your nerves, which is why it hurts so much when it becomes not-dormant).

    It is, I have found, a great excuse to get out of many obligations. And besides! Leta eats pizza now! And likes school! And even let Chuck wear her skirt as a mane!

  • kr

    I’ve read your blog long enough to have seen the hate mail posts, but I didn’t realize the sheer number of people who do this… I’m dumbfounded. I wish they could take all that negative energy and channel it into something productive.

    Anyway, I say kudos to you for making money off of these people. I’m sure there is nothing else you could do that will irritate them more than that! haha!

  • Shannen

    Please, oh PUHLEASE, for all our entertainment’s sake, allow comments on your comments on the Monetizing the Hate page!

  • Rachel Bohall

    I love it!

    PS: I think the new masthead should be “Now with *Even More* ‘Elephantitis of the Ego’”

  • china

    I’m actually trying to figure out how to disable the ad blockers on firefox temporarily so i can see the ads. do you have any advice?

    this is the best anti-hate idea i’ve seen yet and i’m so with you.

  • kelly

    YAY! Love the new ad-crazy hate-mail page! I think it needs to be incorporated into a drinking game of some sort. Like everytime someone calls you a BITCH! or a LOSER! we all drink.

  • J J

    Aren’t you worried that people will just come up with meaner and more outrageous hate mail, just to see it up on the new site? People have twisted views of success.

  • http://angryredhead.wordpress.com Candice

    I freaking worship you. Sorry for being so creepy, but it’s true.

  • http://www.crazymommydaze.blogspot.com HeidiG

    First of all, SHINGLES! SUCK THE BIG ONE. I am so sorry. I had them last year and had to wear long sleeves to a funeral in August as to not give all the huggers the chicken pox. OH THE PAIN!

    And you haters? You all suck the big one. More than the SHINGLES! and I hope you get them on your asses.

    Love you Heather!

  • princess jen

    I seriously can’t believe that people can be that horrible. I’m sure they think it’s perfectly okay to spew hate in an anon. comment but would never dream to do this in person. It’s really easy to be mean when you don’t have to live with the consequences. While I don’t always agree with everything you say Heather, I find you incredibly fun to read. And good for you for finding something positive in all the hate.

  • Aly

    BEST IDEA EVER. I can’t believe I’m even taking the time to comment before checking it out.

  • keagansmom

    Why NOT make money off these morons? And the fact that people judge you without knowing you is astounding.
    I’m gonna share a secret:
    I don’t know Heather. or Jon. or the girls or the dogs. What I do is read a blog, written by a woman named Heather, who got fired from a job for blogging about it. Now that same blog is successful at supporting her family. She wrote a book and it got published and, I assume, sold very well. She is on TV occasionally and quasi-famous.
    People, these are all FACTS.

    My OPINION is that the blog is funny and well-written. I can relate to a lot of what Heather writes about. Do I like every post or picture? nope. Do I agree with everything she says? of course not. But I choose to keep reading. MY choice. And why would you begrudge ANYONE for being successful? It’s wonderful that Heather was able to turn a negative situation into a positive life-altering event. Am I jealous? a little. I wish I had her talent. I wish I had even a little of her height. I always wish I had more money, but that has nothing to do with Heather. There will always be those with more, and those with less. Those with more should help those with less, which Heather does when she can.

    Haters, I just don’t get you. really. I’m just glad Blurbodoocery has found a way to use you, cause otherwise, you trolls are just useless junk clogging up comments.

  • Kelley Ting

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant. More power to you, I hope you make a truckload of money from the Hate pages. I definitely shopped through those ads. I haven’t read all the comments above but I’m sure someone has already noted that it’s ironic the haters take the time to send you their vitriol. Seems they care and are reading your site avidly. Kinda pathetic and sad I think. Keep on monetizing!!! You’re awesome.

  • http://www.thebigsalad.blogspot.com Lar

    This is possibly the best idea you’ve ever had, and I will visit this site every day. I wish ministers could figure out a good way to make money off all the nasty things people say to them, because my husband and I would be RICH!!

  • CC

    You’re a rockstar!

  • Lacey

    LOVE the hate mail page! It’s absolutely brilliant!! I hope all the haters read it and realize how childish & UNintelligent they truly sound! I for one love this website, you make me laugh everyday! You’re gorgeous and your girls are absolutely beautiful!! I cannot believe some of the horrible things these so called “good people” can write and still think of themselves as being above you and dare to think they have the right to judge! Just keep doing what you’re doing! For some you’re a true inspiration!!

  • jscrmil

    Not that I want to drive traffic there but her site is http://www.pooponpeeps.com/. I don’t think she got hugged enough as a child.

  • traci

    Abso-freaking-lutely BRILLIANT.

    I love this. LOVE it.

    You are a genius Heather.

    Pure. Genius.


    Feel better soon. :)

  • Anonymous

    If I may quote one Kanye West (I know) “And if they hate, then let ‘em hate and watch the money pile up”

  • Alli

    Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cooler, you found a way to make money off assholes. I applaud you.

  • http://www.moonlit-butterflies.net Erika

    Those who send you hate mail make me giggle. They probably spend hours trying to string their profanities together just the right way to get their point across. And yet, it all just comes across as ignorant name calling. Monetizing on their stupidity? Brilliant idea.

  • http://aflawedbeauty.blogspot.com Susanlee

    And -that- is why you are Queen of the Internet!

    Sorry about the shingles. When I was a little girl and got bangs for the first time, I came home and said “I’ve got shingles!” (Like for a house) and my grandmother freaked out. It’s a fond memory. -grin-