• raven1bandit

    Love Chuck, Love Coco, Medival Looks are awesome.
    I’m not a fan of Wackadoo land or having to log in…but hey, it’s your blog :)

  • Meredith

    I can’t stop staring at Coco in the princess hat, it’s not so outrageous but something about her eyes is cracking me up!

    Also cracking me up – the line about Leta trying pants with a “displeasing texture”. That is SO my Anna. Elastic, embroidery, phantom bumps, she can’t take any of it. Oh, and collars. Absolutely no collars of any kind please. :eye roll:

  • kitt

    Please oh please oh please use one of these pictures of Chuck for next month’s masthead. Pretty pretty please?

  • Karen Chatters

    I don’t know how you get those dogs to not only wear those clothes but to sit still like that. PETA would have a field day with you.

  • TSWC

    Heather, I’m not saying this to be an e-jerk or to try to cut you down or anything, I swear–I love your blog and think you’re awesome–but…

    it does not “beg” the question. I *raises* the question. They are two totally different things. To beg the question is to commit a logical fallacy, to, essentially, make a circular argument.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. It drives me totally nuts.

  • NatW

    Oh my goodness, he looks so stoic in that third pic from the bottom! Like he’s ready to go to battle!

  • Jennifer M.

    That last picture of Chuck by himself leaves me speechless. I think you should sell prints of that.

  • MeMyselfandMommy

    Chuck sounds like he might be a workaholic.

  • Ashley in OK

    (mostly the Lita part, but the costumes too)

  • toad97

    Laughed out loud at both Leta’s comment on the dogs and the costumes they were wearing. Genius!

  • ZooBride

    Great pics Heather! However, I have an issue. I want a thorough pic lesson. Is it all your camera or is it Mr. Photoshop? I am beggin’, on my knees, with a handful of Jelly Belly’s. Plllllllllllllllllease!!! Thank you!

    A fellow mommy blogger with an obsession of taking spawn pics.

  • throughtheglassblog

    The pictures are hysterical! I love them. Thanks!

  • mrs.notouching

    Leta cracks me up! And the costumes are amazing, as always.

    P.S. And I am absolutely in love with the “Saturday Afternoon Eyes” picture.


    All Bossy’s Great Dane did on Halloween was sleep. Which separates Halloween from the other 364 days a year Exactly Not At All.

  • scomur

    I’m going to be really unoriginal and say that Katey looks better in the chain mail getup than Chuck.

    Also, you should’ve made Leta pose with the dogs. That’ll learn her. Heh-heh.

  • Erin from Joisey

    Wow, those are the BEST costumes ever. I would proudly take those dogs out on Halloween, or more likely a Halloween parade. Too cute.

  • dukemom

    TSWC is correct, and beat me to the grammar/usage punch. Once you know the correct meaning of the phrase “begs the question,” you will notice when it is used incorrectly (almost all the time). There is a whole website devoted to the use and misuse of the phrase, in a tongue and cheek manner. http://www.begthequestion.info

    I apologize for stepping off topic.

    The dogs are hilarious and adorable.

  • kristanhoffman

    OH MY WORD how precious!!

    We are nowhere near so clever, but we DO dress Riley up every year for about 15 min to have a good laugh:


  • barbara

    Haha! You have to wonder what they are thinking as you dress them up and balance stuff on their heads. Great costumes, Heather!

    My mom dressed her beagle up like a bumble bee this year. She was the hit of their Halloween party!

  • NamasteNicole

    At first I was all AWWWWW… and then I saw that first one of Chuck with the helmet! ROFL!

  • adulterousellie

    See, pugs never need dressing up. They’re just naturally comic.

  • Jojo

    Katie, you had better earn some overtime for this one.

  • joaaanna

    Please include one of those pix of Chuck in the new calendar. I would buy one of those!

  • The Mommy Gap

    500 points for the use of the word “persnickety” in a blog.

    One of my all time favorite words.

  • Surviving Lotus Land

    OMG. Why, oh why, have I not thought to dress our dog up in my girls’ old costumes before? The fact that they have a penchant for dressing as fairies and cheerleaders and he’s a boy makes it all the more deliciously humiliating.

    Oh, Scout. Come here boy……. hehe

  • layners1302

    honestly the best thing i’ve seen in a while!

  • NolaMomma

    Ha. That’s awesome. You have to put the one of the two of them together in the next calendar!! Katie has the best job ever!

  • MamaCass

    Have you ever seen The Labyrinth with David Bowie? That last photo of Chuck alone looks like the little guard dog who won’t let them cross the bridge…it’s been a long time, but something like that anyway. Made me chuckle.

  • robin.optima

    I know Coco annoys you but she is adorable. Chuck is stoic.

  • Got2bVT

    This entire series of pictures makes me very happy.

  • OldGrayMare

    Thanks for the laugh, those are great pictures!

    You know, I have the opposite problem with my dogs, my kids won’t keep their hands OFF of them. Well, my son, who has anxiety disorder, won’t stop hitting them, but my daughter? I’m still trying to banish the image of her at about 10 months old reaching up from the floor to grasp my boxer’s private parts out of my brain. It doesn’t bode well for her teen years…

  • SuzieQ1

    Coco is cute as can be, but I love me that Mr Chuckles dog!!

  • RebeccaLand

    Idea for Halloween 2010: Chuck as The Cure’s Robert Smith and Coco as “Miley Cyrus.” Yes, I put her name in quotes since it would be the equivalent of dressing Coco as a Bratz or street walker Barbie doll.

  • Queen Bugaboo


  • Bunny Farts

    Coco should get points for trying something new. I laughed so hard when I saw her in that girly thing, and Chuck, well I think Chuck is great, I always look forward to the dog pictures and stories.

  • meegieshell

    Awe…wait for it…some.

  • former-miss-know-it-all

    I must admit that I am not a dog person. So when I see dogs dressed up, it’s kind of like looking at traffic cones. I really could care less what they are wearing..because they are like aliens.

    Your kid however, is another story..because she is just-like-my-girl (that should make you feel better). AND I live in Salt Lake (which means they should be friends). But maybe that’s too much to have two Leta’s together. Oy.

    Anyhoo…loved the part about Leta touching the dog, and the pants that made her head pop off. That is so my daughter…weird pants, weird hair rubberbands, weird juice that looks weird, weird lady who acts weird. Who knew how much weirdness existed in the world!? And thanks to our kindi-age females, we’ll never wonder again!

  • Brittewater

    I’ve never met a little girl that owned dogs and was weirded out by them. I hope it doesn’t last past adolescence.

  • Meggiemarin

    Leta doesn’t like the dogs?! I would be heartbroken.

    Is this a permanent “Ew gross!!!” thing or temporary “I sometimes dislike cupcakes, but only every other Tuesday” thing?

  • dkmissie

    I love Chucks costume and Coco is just cute

  • Megan Ellen

    Hmmm how can I phrase this gently…?

    I think your daughter is going to grow up into a cat person.

    Now that the hate section is gone, I feel safe enough to post that without going on the wall of shame.

  • hopelds

    My two dogs are now trying to bury any old clothes they can find – I guess I have to limit their access to your website.

  • The Bold Soul

    Chuck the Crusader! I always knew he had it in him.

  • Bratfink

    “Because Coco is crazy, and Chuck creeps me out!”

    As if I don’t hear THAT every year at my family reunion.

    Seriously, I LMAO and choked on my eggs.

  • herbette

    awesome scroll down!

  • Googooboyy

    I wish my cats could be made to wear those mails like dogs could. The moment I bring anything that loosely resembles like a piece of blanket, my cats run for cover.

    Btw, Chuck looks cute. ; )

  • the niffer

    God, Leta cracks me up. You have raised one awesome, if peculiar, little girl. And the costumes totally rock. I can’t believe you got Coco to sit for that long.

  • Chris R

    I think it’s funny when a child isn’t fond of dogs. My 4YO boy gets irritated with our dog, Mary. He says she “screams” too much. [barks] Wonderful pics!

  • karenT

    Now put katey in the princess costume! Oh wait, this isn’t that kind of site.

    …or is it…

  • Lifeissweet16

    My daughter has always been such an animal lover! We knew everyone in the neighborhood because she would befriend every person with a dog. I hope Leta gets over it soon. :-)