• lizgwiz

    I love Chuck so much.

    And I love how delightfully quirky Leta is. Reminds me of the daughter of a friend, who once announced that she could no longer wear, touch or see any purple clothes. Why? They made her throat hurt.

  • SandraDee

    Chuck. My knight in shining armor.

    The last solo Chuck pic is just perfect. Like, “OK lady. I’m here for the knighthood and drama, but would you just get this damn helmet off my head? It’s impaling my three remaining brain cells…..”

  • The Prima Momma

    WOW! Chuck is rocking that knight costume. That’s the true measure of a model – whether it’s your size or not, CAN YOU MAKE IT WORK? Yes. Yes he can!

    I look forward to his Vogue cover!

  • girlplease

    Awww poor dogs. I will never get why kids wind up hating their dogs. A cousin of ours always tells us of the tales of her daughter (3) and their dog. The poor dog is really suffering too. She overfills the bowl with food and then holds the dog at his collar and refuses him food. Cruel.

    I hope that my son stays amazed and amused with our two dogs. He squeels at the sight of them. Our oldest one definately has the “ohhhh maaaannn” look going on while the younger border collie is defiantely “ohhhh why is he laughing? he’s giving me a complex.”

    We are guessing that the border collie and him will be best friends one day.

    And the cycle will continue with the next dogs going “ohh maaaan” and “ohhh he’s laughing at me again.”

  • Colorado1

    Great pictures! Nice costumes. I love the picture #6 it’s so cute, Chuck is absolutely fabulous.