• Hagan Squared

    Oh holy hell. If Jon were a six year old girl…

    She is so cute and grown up and just, awwww.

  • Jacquie

    My daughter prays for glasses. Prays to Jesus, on bended knee. I have often walked into her room to find that she has stolen mine, and is ruining her poor brain by squinting through them to decode the words in her book. Thus far, she has maintained perfect vision, much to her chagrin. I try to reassure her that her eyesight will deteriorate when she is an old lady, but somehow that does not make her feel much better. It’s a cruel, cruel world. Leta looks awesome, good luck keeping Marlo and Coco from chewing those delicious pink frames to bits.

  • Tootyjane

    She looks great. You’re all going to enjoy the shorter hair.

  • Honey

    As smart as Leta is, she really looks the part now! Have fun with your new look, Leta!

  • Amanda Patchin

    Gorgeous and smart!

  • ATXGirl

    I’ve worn glasses since I was 2. More because of muscle issues, but still I had them…. The first time she is called 4-eyes check the toilet for her glasses.. or under Jon’s car… It’s not easy being a kid with them – at least not for me.

    Good luck :) She picked out a cute pair!

  • ktcane

    Wow! Leta looks so sophisticated! Could she be any cuter than in that last pic?? I too, had glasses at 6, and let me tell you, my oval (almost circular) frames plus my frizzy/wavy hair and buck teeth we’re not a good match. Thankfully for Leta she has great taste, and 20 years of fashion advancement on her side.

  • annahj

    My best friend Mike wears glasses with plain glass in them (no prescription) because he thinks it’s cool. He’s weird. But Leta looks so cute! Like she might be going to prep school or something…

  • blackpanther

    Jon’s twin for sure!

  • tanya

    She really does look grown up with that haircut and glasses. Both look perfect for her, hope she’s happy with her choices!

  • HDC

    Too damned cute!

    At the risk of being boo’d, I have to honestly say that there is a future Young Republican if I ever saw one. Life has a nice way of getting back at us parents this way.

  • Dharma

    All the cool girls wear glasses. I said so. She looks RAD in them, you may tell her I also said so. Nice hairdo too, who is getting to be a very young LADY?

  • Leball

    WOW, it’s amazing how much you can say, “Yeah, that’s Jon’s daughter.”!!!! So cute. Love her hair cut and glasses! Go Leta!

  • Doghouse Mama

    Oh my! She is beautiful!

  • Mary_Lynn

    I think she looks awesome in those glasses!

    I SO desperately wanted glasses when I was a kid because I was the only one in our family who didn’t have them. I needn’t have feared…I got my wish. Like there was any chance I wouldn’t, with my genes.

  • BunchOfMalarkey

    Oh my god, there is nothing cuter than a little kid with glasses. AND THE HAIR! She looks so gorgeous :)

  • spokeit

    Why did she have to go and get all OLD? and GORGEOUS?

    well done Heather and Jon.

  • magwilky

    She looks adorable and that she is ready to go away to college! What a difference some glasses and a cut can make, so grown up.

  • owithrow

    How cute is she?
    She looks so grown up! LOVE glasses on her. It’s so great that the big cousin works. Why is it that big cousins are always our hero? Mine was, and my daughters are to her.

    Love her cut too.

    Now, get working on her to fix the hotdog, that would be SUH-WEET!

  • kristanhoffman

    Oh Heather, she looks so beautiful!! Yes, quite a bit like Jon with the glasses, but I see a lot of her in you too.

    You know, if the opinion of a total stranger on the internet means anything to you. :P

  • Big Gay Sam

    Next she’ll be asking for the car keys. :P

  • wenhaver

    Holy cow! My 5 year old son was told by the eye doctor that he needed glasses (but his teeth are fine… he looks just like his dad by has my eyes/teeth/reflexes, the poor thing. My daughter is the exact opposite – looks like MiniMe but has her dad’s eyes/teeth/reflexes). Evan got glasses a couple weeks ago. He looks like a blond Harry Potter. He thinks the Transitions lenses we had put in them are the Coolest Thing Evar!!! Convincing he needs to wear them when he’s not at school is an ongoing challenge. I found them lenses-down under the loveseat this morning.

    Sophie, the 4 year old, demanded short hair when I took her in for a trim this past weekend. 7″ later, and she has a slightly shorter version of Leta’s hair, with bangs. I almost cried when it was being cut, but I’ll admit it looks pretty cute now.

  • debramac

    She is so effing cute!

    Nice job mom and dad for making that happen for Leta with such class!

    When I was 10 my two best friends got glasses…and they were the same style frames…So OF COURSE, I pretended to need glasses. Hmm, the doctor could tell the difference!

    40 years later my father still blames me because he ignored my sister’s teachers when they said she needed glasses.

    As if my early acting debut and flair for drama had anything to do with my sister’s ability to see, right!

  • Greysmom

    cutie patutie!

  • laynemarie

    OH MY. Transformations is right! I’m speechless. Just can’t believe not only how different she looks, but also how open to all that change she was! So adorable. Maybe next she’ll eat cake!

  • Karen Chatters

    Holy crap, the girl looks old enough to go to college in the fall!! You’re so doomed…

  • Ariel

    When my sister got glasses she said “There are LEAVES on that tree!”
    My parents didn’t realize how BAD her eyes were….
    Leta looks lovely:) She is super cute:)

  • sassypriscilla

    Holy crap does she look cute.

  • g.fox

    She looks so beautiful! And erudite! What a kid!

  • smithie1996

    She is so damned cute I want to cry.

    I am just waiting for my kiddo to inherit his father’s hideous vision because he stands about two inches away from the television but he is also able to spot miniscule pieces of food on the floor and eat them so maybe his eyes are just fine.

  • Isabelle Boisvert

    Oh ! She’s so beautiful ! I’ve been a “lurker” for some years on your site, no stalking ! And I watched Leta grow into a young lady. I’m a proud glasses wearer since I was 13, and my nephew Guillaume (8 years old) and his sister Noémie (5 years old) are in the club !You can see proof in my picture, it cropted my oldest nephew’s head but he is so tall at 15, I’m not surprised.

    I know that my niece was joensing for her own pair of glasses when her brother got his 2 years ago !

    Leta looks very lovely !

  • BargainBex

    i’m gonna go ahead and channel chandler bing at the moment: could she BE any cuter? i think not.

  • Candy

    My son got his first glasses at age 4. On his way home from the store, he looked out the window and exclaimed “Look Mom! There are cows over there!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him those cows had been there his whole life.

    This will open up all kinds of new adventures for her. And she is adorable!

  • elosquirrel

    Ohmigosh. She looks so GROWN UP. I know my poor kid will inherit my eyes. The eyes that were so bad that a laser ALMOST couldn’t fix them. Thankfully now I don’t have to wear glasses or contacts, so I’m not sure how to explain it when/if (it’s almost certain) she has to.

  • abvint

    oh Leta GLASSES RULE!! have been wearing mine since I was 2 and have decided at the ripe old age of 33 that getting laser eye surgery would just be too weird…i wear glasses! it’s who I am :) welcome to the cool club … and your new hairdo rocks too :) … only ONE more thing would make you cooler than you are right now … a big bowl of broccoli …seriously, go with me here…

  • zanie

    Oh sweet baby Jesus! Where did your baby girl go? All I see now is an adorable gradeschooler! Please tell her how very beautiful she is and how wonderful her hair looks!

  • amandajkr

    Oh my word, that child is PRECIOUS.

  • TropicalPopsicle

    Oh, Leta! ((sniff)) Our Internet baby is a precious little girl.

    I got glasses in junior high school and was shocked to discover that I could see the individual bricks on brick houses ALL THE WAY from the street.

  • Bryony Boxer

    Did she have that amazing experience that all near-sighted people talk about, of suddenly seeing DETAIL? You know – after months of blurry sight you put those glasses on and you suddenly see details of leaves instead of just green blur, etc. I had that as a child – it was amazing.

  • momozima

    the cuteness is overwhelming!!

  • Friday

    I didn’t think it would be possible, but your daughter has just won a platinum medal at the Effing Adorable Olympics with those new specs of hers. Do you know Tavi? Mascot of the fashion world? I think Tavi wishes she could be Leta.

  • linda_keddie

    She’s so big!!!!!!!

    She looks like a totally different girl now, but still so, so gorgeous :)

  • Krysta B

    The new hair and glasses are SO CUTE!

  • Squeetthang

    One thing is for sure, she has got good taste! The glasses and the hair are AWESOME!

    I wanted glasses so bad when I was a kid! I can’t express how fortunate I am to have 20/20 vision. For now. Glasses are fucking expensive as shit! And as someone who refuses to pay more than $10 for a pair of sunglasses, I consider it to be a blessing.

    I hope the eyeballs hold out until I am at LEAST 40. Or have vision insurance.