• lakensmomma

    I am so releived that I am not the only mother who had their sweet angel STOLEN in the middle of the night and replaced with Rosemary’s Baby. Laken is 15 months old and I was a bit late having children so all of my friends have children who are in their late teens or early twenties. I was just sure that I was raising the next Hanible Lector. Thank you for making me realize that it isn’t totally abnormal for them at this age to be demonic. At least they are cute! Being an monster AND ugly would suck!


    It’s *not* Three Throws? Oh gah, Bossy’s never going to get that NBA ref job *now*.

  • NaturalAsPossibleMom

    I have to comment: My big girl is the type of kid who always listened, always did the right thing. I never really worried about her getting hurt or in trouble. The little one is a lunatic. Her pet name is Crazy. She’s crazy-strong, crazy-willful and crazy-funny.

    I’m about a year ahead of you. Big girl will be 7 in October; little girl will be 2 next month. Just wait! You think your little one is feisty now? It only gets nuttier!