• myeena

    I watched this video and my dog will not stop barking at the window. Great. She’s obsessing about your squirrel.

  • mandinka

    I apologize for commenting in the wrong place, but…
    Being that you are obnoxiously tall and I’m obscenely tall (6ft), I must know where you got your black leggings in the Armstrong family photo post! Please, please tell me.

  • minxlj

    Man, I’m feeling like it should REALLY spur me on to finish my home decorating and the bathroom as it’s been 2 years and I’m only just getting around to it! haha. I’m loving your videos and updates, it’s good inspiration and good fun to watch – thanks for sharing with us.

    Btw is it an American build thing to have window wells like that? I’ve never seen one in the UK and it sounds really puzzling to have a 10 ft drop that animals could get stuck in – what about leaves and debris etc? I can’t visualise how it’s constructed, if that makes sense. Anyway very glad the little guy got out :)

  • vonfengler

    okay is it bad that what draws my attention is the picture of the squirrel with all of the eaten apricots and that immediately what comes to mind is “oh my gawd…that thing is going to shit all-over-your-patio”? We have squirrels galore and a blackberry bush in our yard…messy crap everywhere…and the squirrels like to hang out at the window and taunt our dog to no end….it’s nearly funny to see them run to the window…yap at it until the dog comes…and then taunt him while he makes the craziest noises….

  • mfr1982
  • Stenar

    I HATE SQUIRRELS!!! I’m mad at you for not a) killing the squirrel or b) capturing it and moving it 15 miles up into the mountains like you’re supposed to do.

    At the last house I lived in over in Sugar House, there was a Walnut tree right out my bedroom window, frequently inhabited by squirrels who would scream for an hour or two on end for seemingly no reason… usually an hour before my alarm was supposed to go off. Thus, I hate squirrels. When I saw the first squirrel, I thought, “Oh, how cute! A squirrel in my tree!” That was short lived, though.

  • maevonnie

    This post makes me incredibly happy! How hilarious that Notorious G was in that basement window well for so long! Squirrels are much smarter than we ever give them credit for. Thanks so much again! What a laugh!

  • YukonJen

    Have you heard this story from This American Life: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/115/first-day

    Act two: Squirrel Cop.

    Also, if you ever catch one of those squirrels, you should protect the world from squirrel nudity!!! http://www.squirrelunderpants.com/

    Your squirrel story is my third and favourite on the internet right now.