• leesuhrenay

    We have a Beta at work and he is the lone survivor of a bunch that used to be part of the “plating” for ceviche…no we did not eat the Betas! Anyhoo, we call our Beta Lionel Fishy…and I giggle every time I hear or say his name!

  • FlushedFace

    Barnaby if it’s a boy. Shelly if it’s a girl.

  • rkk1979

    The fish should totally be named Turtle.

    Also, turtles are valedictorians of moving slowly. Cut them some slack.

  • victoria

    Him? I think that’s an Alice!

  • painterdoll

    My friend had a beta named Winkle in college. I had major fish name envy over that. Have fun with the new one! : )

  • Tme

    He looks like a Larry.

  • edills

    I think “Horatio” would suit this fish perfect. The red reminds me of Horatio Caine’s hair on NCIS Miami.

  • barbara

    When I was Leta’s age, I had a goldfish named Albert.

  • Jeneric

    My daughter’s PreK room has a betta named… fluffy. For the tail. It’s fluffy, that tail. Reminds me of what The Stupids might name a fish.

  • labbit

    Miss Havisham

  • k.wren

    Hmmm how about “Her Royal Highness Kiki Elizabeth Armstrong”.

  • ahensley0024

    My niece, who is about the same age as Leta, loves to name her “fur real” pets very girly things like “sparkles” or “pinkie”. Also, just bought a friend’s daughter a beta for her birthday and she named it “blue candle”…strang child!

  • Lne

    Betta is short for Elisabetta – Elizabeth – in italian, so maybe you could stick to Betta.
    or Purple.

  • Meg_a_million

    Names I have given to fish in my lifetime:

    -Jasmine (during that phase where Aladdin was my favorite movie)
    -Goldy (can you guess what kind of fish?)
    -Flotsam and Jetsam

    I don’t think any of those fit here, though. Maybe Arnie? Edward? Caroline?

    I give up. I’m just as bad at naming pets now that I was back in the day. Congrats on the new fish!

  • deirdre04

    I really, really like Squeetthang’s (comment #7) suggestion, literarygirl’s (22) Turtle, and PARoberts’s (171) Galapagos. mmankavitz (45 — name him Mystery) was a great story. =)

    I also really like Sushi — mostly because I have always wanted a miniature pig to snuggle and cuddle and dub Bacon.

    Betta are very easy to care for, but I’ve known a ton of people whose bettas have died shortly after arriving at their new home. Bettas thrive in nasty pools of stinky, swampy water, but who wants that in their house? So I always used AVI’s Stress Zyme and Stress Coat. That’s it. That’s all I used. I cleaned their bowls once every 3-4 weeks and called it good. Adagio and Allegro lived for 6 years.


    Also, poet (227), go suck an egg.

    Thanks and gig ‘em.

  • Mrs. Williams

    I’m fond of calling animals people names, like Prudence or Elizabeth or something equally distinguished. Perhaps even Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine in honor of Will and Kate’s recent anniversary.

    When I was a kid I had two bettas. Their names? Gil (as in gill, har har) and Flipper. Very original.

  • hshellen

    Ha ha. Remember that time you convinced Leta that she should not get a turtle because they live forever and she would have to take care of it in college….yeah.

    So in 1998 I bought a goldfish and he is currently swimming happily behind me in his tank. Yes, he is 13 years old and I feel like he must hold the key to world peace or is the second coming of Christ or something. And yes, I took him with me to college.

    His name is Ernesto and he is awesome.

    But anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of fish, Leta! You will enjoy your little buddy!

    I love “Turtle” as well. So clever I wish I’d come up with it myself.

  • Squeetthang

    Walter Bartholomew Fishhatchery, III

  • joycieahn

    I had a betta once and named him “Mort”, short for “Mortimer”…because seriously, he just kinda hung out all dead-like at the bottom of his bowl all the time…(mort is french for dead in case you didn’t know!)

  • mrs.mamabird

    Look, I can bring out the obscure when it comes to pet names.

    A beta is a second brightest star in the constellation. A betta fish originates from the rice paddies of Thailand. Logically, my head says, “How do you say second in Thai?”

    Well, you would say thi song.

    Which would lead me to naming my fish: Tea Song.

  • jmcclark

    I had two goldfish once. My dad suggested I name them Rigor and Mortis.

  • sweetney

    I vote for “The Dude.”

    Or Omar.

    (Commenter’s gotta have a code.)

  • digitallounge

    I recommend naming him: Chopper.

    Do not get all sentimental and try to pair him with a bottom feeder in case he’s lonely. Some fish people will tell you that bettas can live with bottom feeders. I put one in the tank with ours (Jasmine) and he killed the new fish in under an hour. Chopper, or any other military-oriented name associated with killing would be my recommendation.

  • misssurly

    My dream pet name when I was little was “Alawish-is”… pretty sure that’s not how to spell it but anyways – my dad said that was dumb and named my guinea pig Gizmo. Wow, good one dad, real cool.

  • Kari68

    Filet is the perfect fish name. Filet O’Fish if you want to be more formal. I named my kids’ fish that when they were too young to know better.

  • emilyadi


  • boilermomof4

    My daughter has a Beta and his name is “Huckleberry Fin[n].”

  • gcjen

    I like Florence.

  • kturney

    My vote was going to be for “Turtle” as I can see has been suggested. She gets the best of both worlds. Should “Turtle” not be the winner, I would suggest something like “Alpha”. She can say, “This is Alpha…my betta.”

  • NYCDude

    How about gefilte? Or sushi or nemo?

  • MacGrrl

    I think “Alpha” would be a good name for Leta’s betta fish. :) Perhaps “Al” for short.

  • brookelusby

    Poppy! For sure :-)

  • themuskrat

    We just got a beta fish, too. His name is “Bill.”

  • pepperflynn

    how about Ira? or Morty?

  • mtmartin

    when we were kids we have a rainbow fish named Roy G. Biv
    Also, she strikes me as a ruby.

  • famousamy

    My first and only fish was Michael Jackson.

    That said, I also like Sizzles as a pet name. (though I can see how for a fish, that might seem seriously wrong). :-)

  • delpien

    my son, 9, named his beta fish “sushi”

  • WindyLou

    We once had a fish named girl. Pronounced Gey-earl (like key-earl)

  • Nicmas

    Ziggy Stardust

  • TxSuzyQ


    Hmmm… Its a beautiful color! If there is such a thing as a beautiful fish, this one is beautiful and deserves a beautiful name. How about:


    or maybe



  • Kristanez

    Looks like a Mortimer to me.

  • Smokey


  • EZK

    We named our cat People.
    It’s hasn’t stopped being funny.

  • MelissaJ

    my first thought was Buster.

    then i decided on Moby.

    no…i vote Buster.

  • Jenndell


  • Lauren3

    Look at him in the second photo. He looks like he don’t give a shit.

    His name is Bruce.

  • hollyloo

    turtle. his name should be turtle.

  • literarygirl

    You absolutely have to name the fish “Turtle.” :)

  • newoldfashioned

    Jewel – like the colors on the fins. Or Emerald, Sapphire…

  • JuliaDil

    The thing about bettas is that they LOOK like girls but they’re actually boys. So! I suggest an androgynous name.

    That fish looks like a Soleil to me. So-lay. Sun in french. Or a circus.

    Typically a girls name, but the sun is a boy. So yeah. Soleil is my suggestion. You could even call him sunny.