• schizik

    What about Mauve? I love old lady names :)

    Also, this sounds like crazy sci-fi, but my friend had a beta that had a flesh-eating bacteria, so watch out for that!

  • KatieKat484

    I had a pet hamster name Veronica. After she ran away, I got fish, and they were all Veronica. I also had a turtle, named Mr. T. I like giving animals fun human names!

  • Cosmo3807

    So many comments, don’t know if you’ll get to this late one! I don’t have a suggestion for a name, but I do have a suggestion. My mother (88yo) was given a betta at Christmas. They are beautiful fish. We put a mirror next to the tank so he wouldn’t feel lonely & he always ‘flares’ when he sees himself. So pretty! She named him Joseph since it was C’mas time.

    The water got dirty quickly & often. Hence my suggestion:

    I found a one & a half gallon tank with a filter that is well worth setting up. It is still very small, but large enough for a single fish. I highly recommend it. The filter is very quiet & the tank is covered and also has a light. I got it on sale at Petco for $14.99. Wal-Mart has them for $19.99.

  • LabbyLover

    Betta Davis

  • wisa03

    My first thought was “Turtle,” too!

    Or Maude. Or Donatello!

    She could name it after a character in one of her favourite books, too.


    Edward. Winston. Any sort of butler-associated name. Smithers!

    Alright, let’s go with Aurora or a book-character, I suppose. Have we decided if Mr. Fish is a Mr. or a Mrs.?

  • imjeffp

    Our betta is named Finn. He has a surprising amount of personality, for a fish.

  • jamieinaz
  • spedrson

    We’ve had 3 betta fish. The 8 year old boy named them all!
    - Phineas
    - Ferb
    - Bart

    My favorite name was Phineas.

  • judybeen

    I love Dooce, but I can’t bring myself to page through 10 pages of comments to see if anyone has suggested “Moby” yet. Seems fitting- he looks white(ish).

  • elliesmom

    If I had a fish, I would call it Spike.

  • ylime320

    I don’t know if it’s been said (mainly because I don’t have the time to peruse the many pages of comments), but if Leta decides it’s a boy…Jacques. If she decides it’s a girl, Amelie.

    I’m feeling FRENCH today!

  • ladygray

    i VERY much love literarygirls’ suggestion of “Turtle” ’cause… hysterical.

    however Leta might not roll that way with her humor so i’ll suggest:


    we have an octopus here at the Seattle Aquarium and when the employee told me the octopuses name was Penelope I fell head over heels in love with it.

    thus, fishy things are currently Penelope.

  • AudioGranny

    Gepetto from movie Pinocchio had a fish named CLEO

  • Kathryn

    I was given a Beta fish a few years back by a date in lieu of flowers – I named him Cassius

    though I am leaning towards “Turtle” as suggested by literary girl

  • 2christys

    Um…hello??! Alpha.

  • napangel


  • PrincesseEmma


  • mtevis

    Al(pha betta)

  • Dawndilion

    I had a beta (or 3)…..I named the 1st one Gill.

  • Pandora Has A Box


  • tbean2401

    Brucie or Juan

  • RyantheGirl

    I would name the fish “Otto” after the fish in this book: http://www.amazon.com/Fish-Out-Water-Helen-Palmer/dp/0394800230. That was one I made my parents read me all the time!

    You could also name it:
    -Wanda (A Fish Called “Wanda.” Get it?? No? Only me? Ok…)
    -Santiago (The old man in “The Old Man and the Sea”)

  • aposiopetic

    I recommend Alfred, on the strength of being able to introduce him as “Alf, a betta”.

    If Leta is not a fan of eye-rolling puns, though (LIKELY), I suggest Nell Gwyn. Or maybe Abigail Adams. I understand that betta fish are generally male, but c’mon, those are some awesome fish names right there.

  • tantelized

    Bartholomew the Betta!

    I’m actually trying to come with names for our new corgi puppy. It’s a little girl and she’s coming home in May =]

    Also it’s great to have you back!

  • Daisee

    I was going to say Sushi too, but then I took another look at her and thought Beatrice.

  • sweetpotatopie

    Turtle. Duh. For the same reason my daughter’s beta is named Kitty.

  • Rlymoody


    Oh Come on…..

  • jayhawksara

    My first fish’s name was Speedy. I’m liking Turtle though too!

  • kellyfaboo

    Reginald Meriweather III

    You can call him Reggie for short. And good decision on the turtle btw.

  • Funnygirl78



  • tariel

    Flushy has always been my favorite fishes name…It’s inevitable and honeslty, kids have no idea what it means until they are old enough to wash their sorrows away with a big glass of Tanqueray & Tonic.

  • mmankvitz

    When naming his fish, my son chose “Mystery”. When I asked why, he told me in his best “aren’t you a dumb grown up” voice… Duh? Fish can’t talk so he can’t tell me his name, so it’s a Mystery to me. :)

  • TuffDadSF

    Liza “Fin”nelli? Warren Betta? Alpha Betta? Gilly Anderson?

    We have owned a few Bettas and those were some of the names we used.

  • Gemmyner


  • Ruffian


  • NDW1982

    i second the name Penelope. That fish looks like a Penelope for sure.

  • Cateyez

    As someone who has 2 cats named “Chairman Mousey-Tongue” and “The Evil Doctor Meow Meow,” I’d like to think of myself as someone who is very fond of unique pet names.

    Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
    Mr. Grimpwinkle
    Rob Lowe
    Captain Gills


  • jen.yaya

    I love the suggestion of “Turtle”, as well as the Al(ph a Beta) thing.

    I had two Oscar fish as a teenager. Sexy Sadie & Mr. Kite. After two weeks Mr. Kite ATE Sexy Sadie, so I renamed him Mean Mr. Mustard. Beatles obsession aside, my point is that I do enjoy a good “proper” name for a pet.

    Mr. Darcy
    Mrs. Huxtable
    Sir Paul McCartney

    Now that I think about it… Oscar is a good name too.