• chrysoprax

    Evidently none of your readers (or you) seem to have found anything amiss with the photo of the “handler” ripping out the fangs of a snake with a pair of pliers. This procedure is considered inhumane in the extreme by herpetologists as well as by the many organizations that have dog “snakeproofing” programs that do not harm the rattlesnakes. (http://socalrattlesnakeavoidancetraining.com/ http://www.snakeproofing.com/).

    I’m not minimizing the danger of rattler attacks (which are increased in our area this year) or the severity of the injuries to dogs and to humans (which, as an MD, I’ve seen). I am disturbed by the almost total lack of response by your or your readers to the Mengelesque image of a dimly lit man torturing an animal with a large pair of pliers.