• EvilCleopatra

    is it strange to think that despite the 8 year old drawing skills, that leta has quite an eye for composition, and has apparently inherited the designer gene?

  • Joanna Sequeira

    “GUILT GUILT GUILT, a mother’s favorite meal!”- so, so true. I blame Pinterest for most of my guilt. Yesterday my baby walked four steps and I wasn’t there, I was at work, and I was going to be at work past her bedtime- it was guilt and torture all mixed into a big ball of ugly crying.

  • kate

    I am SO impressed you managed to squeeze 30 minutes out of that! All of my attempts at art projects fail after thirty seconds when the kid hands me the crayon/glitter/glue/whatever and says, “You do it Mama!” The only one that has ever succeeded was the shaving cream and food coloring on a cookie tray. THAT was flipping awesome.

    “GUILT GUILT GUILT, a mother’s favorite meal” needs to be made into a tee-shirt immediately.

  • diane

    i’m sorry to say that tocara has asked me to tell you that she is unavailable that evening. something about not having enough beano in the world …

  • Katie Lavie

    This is quite possibly my favorite post ever. You are a delightful person and a wonderful mother. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Elisabeth

    You are a good mom! As a new mom with depression, it’s usually a good day if the baby hasn’t screamed for too many hours on end and I made dinner. Sometimes a shower happens. Pintrest and Facebook are kicking my butt when it comes to the “Guilt” thing because I see so many cute, clever things that these other moms do! I’m just gonna focus on keeping my daughter, husband, and I alive first, and then if there’s time for cute crafting, we’ll fit it in. After I’ve slept and had a shower, that is. :)

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    Proof that you are a good mother: You designed something simple (on purpose, I’m guessing) and let the girls contribute the “pizzazz.” Whereas I would have been a control freak and either designed exactly what I wanted, no input/assistance from them, and/or I would have flipped a sh*t when they “messed up” my work. :P

    Seriously though, great post. The farting part was the best, I think, haha.

  • RioLee

    I laughed out loud about the tears crawling back up. How do kids just flip that switch? Once I am that far everything is over and everyone is going down with me.

  • lizandrsn

    You know those kids-perfectly-crafting moments strewn across the Internet?
    The Internet lies!
    Moments before the flash goes off they were beaten into submission by the overstressed, under appreciated parent who should have been knee-deep with them in the glitter that’s about to be force fed to the family pet.
    Just ask Alexis Stewart (Martha’s ungrateful kid).

  • Cindy

    You do NOT start a crafting session with glitter. EVER. Never glitter. Not ever. Nehhhvaaaah.

  • Luann Robinson Hull

    This made me laugh! I remember the attempts at domesticity in my home with my two boys!

  • lisajey

    hilarious. i am so glad that i am crafty…. but i’ve seen my share of melt downs! enough to scare me away for months at a time! LOL

  • Erin

    I just want you to know that I am a mom and I. Hate. Crafting.

  • Heather Pez Kinsman

    “So I try to go back to something I learned in therapy last year, and that is to go through the list of the things my kids need the most. Do they know they are loved? Are they comforted when they cry? Are they warm when they sleep? Are their joy and excitement celebrated?”

    You just saved me thousands in therapy. Seriously. I experience this guilt frequently and this is a good reminder.

  • Bibes

    You know what they say about glitter, it is the venereal disease of the craft world.

  • SusanInSuburbia

    You are the valedictorian of the Exacto. Cause you definitely couldn’t just cut those out with a pair of scissors. How pedestrian ;)

  • Here’s To A Boring Year

    Am I the only mother that feels THE GUILT about whether her baby is warm when they sleep? Because I simply cannot figure out how to dress a child for bed…

  • Margaret Lukes

    I’m so impressed with the whole endeavor of game night- with invitations, no less! BUT- Do I spy x-acto blade cutting on corian!? Have you no self-healing x-acto cutting mat!? I would send you one as a holiday gift- along with some nice blunt-tipped scissors that Marlo can actually run around the house with, but I know you don’t want to add to your arsenal of crafting supplies. Because you’d need to go buy plastic bins to be used for the sole purpose of housing said crafting supplies. And that would imply that are, in fact, a CRAFTER. *shudder*

  • Margaret Lukes

    PS- Have you seen the parody book, “The Very Hungry Zombie” ? It’s a good one…

  • http://twitter.com/Reese22 Theresa S.

    *Walks into daughters bedroom and throws unopened packages of glitter that her grandparents just purchased for her away* lol good thing I read this before we got a chance to open that glitter. My day would have ended with glitter stained hand prints on the wall, the carpet, the tables, the bed, and quite possibly my face…

  • LDD

    Agree – I’m totally impressed that you all hung in there for 30 minutes of glittering – I love doing crafts, but crafting with kids is a different story! That is some dedicated glittering.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Margulis/1481905250 Jennifer Margulis

    I think your craft came out awesome. The invitations look great. Waaaay better than anything I could do. Plus your photos make every social media maven and craft wizard pee their pants with jealousy. They rock.

  • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

    You know, the 8th is my birthday and this year marks my 40th so any event happening on that day is going to be AWESOME.

  • http://allconsuming.com.au/ allconsuming

    OH, and also? I have a rule, not a saying, a RULE in this house that “craft is for kindy”. Once you reach such an incomprehensibly inequitable relationship between the amount of time it takes to set up (and more importantly clean up) to the time of the actual activity then engagement has to be seriously questioned. This is also why I don’t cook fresh artichokes. What, at least I’m consistent.

  • Kristi

    Just reading this made me feel guilting for not crafting with my kids more! I have Guilt for at least one meal a day. So tasty!

  • http://twitter.com/theeisforerin Erin Human

    I’m so relieved that you experience guilt and feelings of inadequacy when you look at the internets and its picturesque crafting, because MY particular brand of motherhood neurosis involves feeling inadequate next to mothers who don’t craft and don’t give a damn! Why oh why can’t I be brazenly guilt-free like them?

  • Glitterchallenged

    I recently purchased and used those gltter sticks for a craft project for my son. I failed to notice the little red stopper at the top of the stick and was squeezing the hell out of the silver stick to get it to work. As you can imagine a huge gob of glittery goo came flying out. My husband, yes husband who can also work a needle and thread(I cannot) came to the rescue after I let loose with the child friendly version of cussing, stupid, fudgecracker glitter stick. He calmly examined and pulled out the red thing to which I asked, “What is that.” “Stopper;” he says with the look that says you are a complete dumbass but I love you anyway.