• Lauren3

    Love this. And it reminds me of back in the day when you used to post those albums with the title pages you designed.

  • Josey

    I was just thinking about how much I miss actually PRINTING my pictures out. Hm… might be time to get back on that!

  • Carla King

    I recently paid $2 at a church sale for a large cork board with a really nice, decorative frame. I painted it black and sanded it so a bit of the white and gold underneath would come through a bit. But yours is really nice in that solid glossy black and bamboo-style frame. Is that from Target?

  • Heather Armstrong

    No, it’s a board I found several years ago at a vintage shop and I’m just now getting around to using it.

  • amber79

    So the whole Leta exhausted thing . . . my nephew was in kindergarten and my sister signed him up for some indoor soccer thing. They had the kids running around at the first practice and all of the sudden my nephew’s freaking out, because there’s water on his skin. The coach had to explain sweat to him and also assure him that it’s completely normal.

  • maggie wilkin

    To try and combat the whole “Walking is soooo boring thing” (my kids feel exactly the same way), you should try geocaching. I have tricked my kids into walking for over an hour trying to find a “treasure”, which is really just a box with a note in it. It also encourages you to check out new parks. I just use the iPhone app which was about $10, much less than a personal GPS and it has been great!

  • specialkrispy

    Ha ha ha!!!

  • Susan

    I love the idea of printing pictures at home. Is that Epson Home Expressions printer the one you have/recommend?

  • Joanna Sequeira

    This is hilarious! I signed my son up for a sports day camp, he runs all day, I’ve asked… from the moment I drop him off to the moment I pick him up he is running. That being said it is impossible for him to walk from the car to the house without getting tired. Kids!

  • specialkrispy

    What a great idea. Memory Grove is such a great place. I’m pretty sure it’s where I was conceived.

  • Nicole Morgan

    All my pics are now on disks after being retrieved from crashed hard drives, scattered in unnamed files and kind of sucks when I now need to put together family albums of when … well, when we were still a family. Procrastination bit me this time. In other news, my Mom wants me to come to sacrament to meet a single lawyer, asked if I could have wine with my wafer …

  • Meagan

    What a great idea, my older daughter loves to take pictures too. This gives me an idea for her this summer! As for the not wanting to walk. My four (almost five) year old daughter told me she no longer wanted to take dance class because “it takes too much of my energy up.” Then she proceed with: ” But can I do football instead!?” Boy is she gonna be bummed after her first day…

  • kmpinkel

    I am heading to Target to get a memory board now. They may have wanted me to buy a printer, but I have one. Target just sold me on YOUR amazeballs idea! Thank you!!!

  • Diane Cayton-Hakey

    I’ve been printing my own photos out for the past couple of years, framing and using them as art on my walls. It doesn’t require expensive frames either.. the big box stores have frames that work well. Love the memory board idea. Very special and fun for kids!

  • Heather Armstrong

    Thank you! This really was a lot of fun and my kids LOVE it, Marlo especially who climbed up on that bench, pointed at each picture of herself and said, “That’s me and that’s me and that’s me…”

  • Heather Armstrong

    It’s the one I bought, yes. I was really surprised by how easy it was to set up and use. Super simple, and the quality is really nice. It’s not “I’m going to sell these online” quality, but for what I’m doing here it’s perfect.

  • kmpinkel

    Its funny how much they enjoy looking at themselves. At what age did that change?

  • Kimberly Wydeen

    When I was a kid, and we complained we were bored, my mom would tell us ‘There is always something you can clean.’ In the competition of reading a novel v. dusting, reading wins every time.

  • Ashley Berman Hale

    I know you probably care diddly about Google/organic search – but I noticed you followed sponsor links. Why take the risk?

  • carla

    first time reader and i must say, your photos caught my eye before i read your post! how do you manage with that many kids??? i have one 10 month old and he’s already a handful! but i also wanted to know, what canon camera are you using? the photos are exquisite.

  • Hannah Mayer

    We also do a summer memory board and we throw everything on there. Ticket stubs, the paper bracelets they give you when you enter a venue, even a flower my kids (illegally) picked for me at a park.

  • Heather Armstrong

    I’m still using the Canon 5D Mark II. For this post I used an 80mm fixed lens. The lens really makes a difference.

  • BabetteFeasts

    I may just save the Canon Pixma I was about to try to sell/donate…Just yesterday I had to explain to my husband why I still like photos. On PAPER.

  • miss_msry

    Now you know why Chuck was growling at the fireplace.

  • miss_msry

    It’s odd that some people find having an actual photo to be a novel idea. But then I’m old and still print from my digital camera.

  • miss_msry

    Funny, I’m retired now, but worked as a newspaper photographer for over twenty years and printed numerous photos the old fashioned “wet” darkroom way. Digital is so much easier.

  • Peggy

    Okay, I’m a scrapbooker so after the summer is over, I’m just dying to throw your photos into an album, which can be any size/shape you want, even paper bags. There is also a whole other cult called Project Life that does what you’re doing, not by the summer but by the week. Just remember, you heard it here first!

  • Heather M

    This made me laugh coffee on my keyboard. Hilarious! Also? So true. I run a kids’ outdoor adventure camp, and every year meet kids who have never worn sunscreen or been allowed to play in the dirt! (I may or may not let them get extra dirty to make up for lost time).

  • KittensRule

    That is really, really sad. A five year old kid has never played until he’s sweated before? The only time he’s ever sweated is at INDOOR soccer? That is messed up. What happened to frolicking outside? What happened to summer fun?

  • http://www.escapingelegance.com/ Stephanie Reidy

    Why are your kids finished school so early? We go right to the end of June!
    Leta is taking some wonderful photos. She has a really great sense of composition and isn’t afraid to get in close to frame a shot.
    Looks like it was a good day.

  • Sarah

    My daughter’s last day of school was May 23.

  • Jen Wilson

    Oh my word, I love that kid’s red hair. I may be partial to red hair since my son has the brightest-ever red hair, but seriously, gorgeous.

    I haven’t printed a photo in longer than I can remember, but I’m pretty sure my girls would go NUTS over the idea of being able to print photos at home.

    Also, great photos, Leta!