• http://www.schmutzie.com schmutzie

    My mother was an Avon lady, and we had the entire collection of ceramic lady and kid perfume bottles. My favourite was the little boy with the hoop and stick.

  • Ivy

    holy shit, whaaaa? That snake is a fatty too! aaaahhhhhh and it’s in the hood?!!
    oh sweet baby jesus.

  • kmpinkel

    Marlo’s face in the second to last picture makes me laugh sooo hard. Its like she is saying, “No way! A rattlesthnake? Ain’t nobody goth time for that!”

  • http://www.escapingelegance.com/ Stephanie Reidy

    So fun to play with jewelry as a kid… still is. Surely the Avon World Sales Leader can arrange for a little bit o’ sponsorship. Present it as a challenge and she’ll jump on it!

    Pictures are great (of the girls – the snake I can do without). And what a sweet baby – I miss the sleeping baby’s breath on my chest! You cousin looks like she COULD host the olympics. I was never that put-together in the first few weeks. Still struggling with it 8 yrs later…

  • http://www.escapingelegance.com/ Stephanie Reidy

    I had the kid perfume collection, too! I felt sooo grown-up when I put it on, and I would put all the different scents on together. The people in church must have wanted to puke. Maybe that’s why was always got pew to ourselves!

  • zombiegreen

    Aww, poor snake. It looks like it’s been badly injured. If the new house owners felt the need to kill it, I hope they did so quickly.

  • Jancave

    That last photo kinda gave me a flash of a future World Avon Sales Leader of Truck Stops. Wearing that exact same outfit…..flashing her dimples as she is telling customers about that snake she kilt when she was a youngun,

  • talonsage

    Oh yeah? Well my mom sells BOOKS. And takes her granddaughter to BOOK. SALES. For BOOKS.

    Leta can start in with the unfairness now. :P

  • kacy

    oh how I wish you had been recording that too…..please have Marlo recreate the moment

  • dashransome

    Marlo speaks Parseltongue!

  • KC Ramone

    My grandmother sold Avon in the 80s, and she always had a goodie drawer of extras (jewelry, makeup, odds and ends) that I was allowed to raid whenever I was over for a visit. This post brought back lots of good memories! Though I’m sure my mother’s attitude toward the Avon drawer was similar to your feelings to your mother letting the girls take whatever they want…

  • Allyssa Wheaton-Rodriguez

    My grandmother didn’t sell Avon, but she loved to frequent garage sales and thrift stores. She always let me dress up in her jewelry. Such fond memories…

  • Sharon

    I’m curious about the miniature basketball

  • http://bushra.io/ bushra

    oh my. am hoping Marlo channelled Little Edie in those pictures…

  • issascrazyworld

    That last photo is classic. Just love it so very much.

  • http://www.thriftstoremama.com/ Thrift Store Mama

    My grandma had a lot of costume jewelery. Not sure if it was AVON, but it was in similar style. Some of my fondest memories are of sitting on the floor going through the drawers and drawers of jewelery and looking at each piece. She died several years ago and the few pieces of her that I asked to have are among my most treasured possessions.

  • http://www.thriftstoremama.com/ Thrift Store Mama

    Hey – my mom sells books too !

  • mdpendley

    Am I the only one who thinks Shadrach (sorry, no comments open on that picture) looks exactly like Tyrant with a wig? I thought that’s who it was!

  • Michelle Boehm

    You tell Kenzie that she looks amazing!!

  • KristenM

    Holy Shit. That is uncanny! He does look like Tyrant with a wig!

  • Jenny @ stuff-i-love.com

    I like how there was a mini basketball mixed in with her jewellery collection