• payj17

    need to geek out on arrested development!

  • Julie Finnigan

    I love Netflix and still subscribe to the one disc at a time because I have a backlog of 50 movies only available that way. Do I ever watch the disc? Hardly ever. But someday I will.

  • Stephanie Cox

    I have had Amazon prime for over a year, and I’m regretting my choice now. Netflix is leaps and bounds ahead of the Amazon setup! One of the main reasons I justified paying for the membership was the “free movies” concept – and we have been so disappointed!

  • Erin West

    sweet giveaway.

  • The Crab

    I just signed up for the Netflix month-long trial a few weeks ago. It seems really great for TV shows, but the movies leave a bit to be desired.

  • Dawn @thedalaimama

    I haven’t become a netflix convert yet, as I was never terribly happy with their selections. We don’t watch all that much TV–but I will have to check it out again and see if it’s gotten better.

  • Teresa

    I am still in the DVR mode. It is just too easy to come home from travel and find “my shows” on the TV, no logging in, etc., but I am missing some of the Netflix only shows. I just need to find time to watch it all!

  • jen gooch

    I want to drop my “cable” and just roll with Netflix.

  • Kristen Elmer

    Whoot! Year of Netflix please! Also, just started Orange is the New Black and it’s awesome.

  • irucik

    How can anyone still live without netflix? The only problem i have is picking what I want to watch (especially if my 4 year old is involved)!

  • Beth in Illinois

    This is exactly how my family watches tv too! We don’t even have cable anymore! I’m a stay at home mom of 4 kids (4 years old and under! I know we are nuts!) A few years ago we decided to cut costs where we could and got rid of cable. At first I thought it was going to be awful, but I honestly don’t even miss it anymore. I love that there is a separate kids section, so my girls don’t accidentally see anything inappropriate. I just have to throw out there that I love Hulu too!

  • Unraveling_At_The_Seams

    Netflix! <3

  • chuck

    I like Netflix bc I travel and, as long as I can access the internet, I can watch movies and full seasons of tv shows at my leisure. thank you, dooce!

  • Beck

    I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve never used any of the Netflix services.

  • Liz

    Would love to try out Netflix!

  • KC

    Would love to try Netflix! We have yet to even get DVR. Maybe when the kids are out of daycare, we can afford to buy some sanity!!

  • http://follyofone.tumblr.com/ Ashley

    Love Netflix. Love it! All the TV shows they have, plus the original programming, has me questioning my cable subscription completely.

  • TylerAlyseA

    Orange is the New Black is soooo good! I binge watched it last weekend.

  • alex1s

    Pick me! I cancelled when they changed their service, but now I hear Netflix is offering a lot more programming.
    I’d love to try it out again.

  • Kirsten

    Thanks! We enjoy Netflix, and altho we don’t have a data plan at all for our cell phones (we’re just too cheap/poor), we do have unlimited data on our home internet just because we kept going over.

  • http://akiltandacamera.com Peg and Brian Peter

    We’ve lived in the US, Brazil and now the UK and Netflix has been our only source of programming in two of those three countries. Love, love, love.

    Also, I can’t help but think that’s you when I’m watching Orange is the New Black, which is a weird confusion of my media worlds. I have to remind myself you were never in prison beating the sh** out of born again crank ho’s (that we know of).

    Also, also, now I have to go check out Shaun the Shtheep.

  • http://toomuch-notenough.blogspot.com/ ST

    Now I know where I’ve seen you before! (Kidding…)

    Netflix has been my savior while I nurse my 5-week-old. He eats, I watch random things my husband will shake his head about later. Also, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood really keeps my older kids quiet until I also get requests for another one.

  • Peggy

    I love Netflix but my hubby watches the strangest shows

  • Heather

    Netflix enabled us to cancel cable & save tons a money per month. <3 it. :D

  • Jennifer

    Netflix is a must-have at my house. Do my son and I need quick access to multiple viewings of Phineas & Ferb? Yes. Yes, we do.

  • Meagen Ridley

    I love Netflix!! I’d love it even more with a years free subscription! YAY!

  • Kodi

    This may have convinced me to look into Netflix.

  • Kristina Silbajoris

    Contemplating Netflix but free cable is hard to pass up (it’s a job perk).

  • Pamc

    I’ve not tried Netflix but am considering it. Probably should do the 30-day free trial to see if I “get” it!

  • Chel

    I would love to try out Neflix, finally!

  • Nancy D

    My husband and I just moved to a new state, and since we’re in the process of changing cable providers, this would be a great time to try Netflix.

  • Kellog76

    A Netflix subscription?! A certain 10 year old will need a new reason to call me, “Jurassic.”

  • Lori

    We love Netflix and couldn’t live without it! We are considering cancelling our cable and the thought of giving it up no longer makes me want to cringe.

  • Birdy Evans

    I’ve been trying to convince my hubby to let my family get Netflix but he’s under the impression that we’d just watch Netflix all day. Not us, NEVER! Bwhahahaha.

  • Melisa Harris

    I can totally see the Piper connection. I binged out on the entire 1 season. NO
    I’M CRACKING OUT FOR THE NEXT SEASON. I just downloaded the book. That will
    soothe the craving until Netflix finishes season 2. (Which they started filming
    this week!!!)

    I’ve also considered just canceling my cable. I watch Netflix more than cable. So
    much so, I had to double my data plan on my hotspot.

    Watch OITNB……..it’s crazy, sad, angering and hilarious….all at once.

  • Jhow

    Awwz yea. I could totally handle a year for free. Let’s do this.

  • Elizabeth Culp

    Lucille Bluth is my spirit animal…

  • Eddiewojo

    Netflix, Amazon and Hulu have me seriously considering dropping cable.

  • Katherine Klose

    Choose me please.

  • Katie Rojo

    Stupid DVRs. Why does it keep skipping my recordings of So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway?!!!!!
    I need my own Netflix account to watch Dr. Who and House of Cards and Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black. And old episodes of News Radio and movies with Eddie Redmayne.

  • Andrea

    Hmmm… been meaning to subscribe to netflix for months. I rarely watch actual TV anymore, so I think it would be good fit! Especially if it were free for a year. :)

  • Erin

    Wanted to try Netflix anyway, maybe free is a good way to do it, especially because I always go over my data usage ;)

  • Amy Rainey

    I’ll take a free Netflix!

  • debby

    Love , love, love my Netflix, yo.

  • Rachel

    Just had insomniacial baby #2 = am up all night nursing = ultimate target market for a Netflix subscription. We were going to ‘cut the cord’ and cancel our cable this month, but need some distance from that phrase after the doctor uttered it in the delivery room… Maybe next month.

  • Lindsey Orcutt

    Free Netflix? Sign me up!! :)

  • LNassau

    That is awesome and makes me want a Netflix membership!

  • Suzanne

    Thanks for the family watching tips. Shaun the Sheep sounds perfect for my 3 yr old.

  • Kilodeuce

    Love your posts. Love Netflix. LOVE orange is the new black.

  • Gabrielle

    Since winning a free subscription is probably the only way I’d get my husband on board with having Netflix, I’m going to break out of lurk-mode and leave a comment. (His anit-Netflix stance is rooted in some legitimate issues with data compression in the streaming service and the fact that the aspect ratio isn’t always correct, whereas I’m all “almost any movie/TV show I want to see can be playing on my TV in under a minute, don’t you dare blaspheme this magical technology!”)