• http://www.luvandkiwi.com/ Tish

    Reminds me of Hyperbole’s dinosaur costume effect…have you read that brilliant piece?

  • Jennifer

    Oh. My. God. That face will not rest until everyone in the world feels her fairy wrath.

    … I can’t stop giggling.

  • http://www.glassofwin.com/blog/ Rachael

    Wow. I have never seen any human being emote the true character of Tinker Bell more so than Marlo. Uncanny! Your kids look great and I hope everyone had a fangtastic Halloween <3

  • Katie Sutton


  • Sue

    This made me laugh SO HARD. Thank you! Your kids are awesome, Heather.

  • Jennatorture

    The one where Marlo is frowning at Leta and Leta is smiling like the cat that got the canary is all that is wonderful about the big/little sister relationship!

  • Nan

    Leta is really getting the hang of vamping for the camera (appropriate for a vampire). She looks great. Since I’ve watched her grow up year after year, it still surprises me when she looks like she’s getting older. Marlo is a kick and a half!

  • http://candicewrites.tumblr.com/ Candice

    I love these two. I cannot wait for Leta’s memoir.

  • Richard Morey

    “Evil Fairy Who is Totally Going to Take A Huge Shit in the Middle of Your Bed Tonight.” hahaha love that! Your kids are adorable.

  • http://bism.empowernetwork.com/ Paul Smithberger

    Great photos! I think I like the last two the best.

  • kmpinkel

    Love. I cannot believe how big and old Leta has become. She no longer looks like a little kid. Sniff. marlo on the other hand makes you take a double take and say “oh shit. hide the fine china.”

  • http://oddlovescompany.com/blog/ Katybeth

    Leta is such a beautiful young lady. A good example of beauty and brains…and with a natural “look” comedians kill for. Marlo is adorable.I hope you clapped twice and believed…..

  • Jeanie

    Those pictures are Great!

  • KateTdid

    I am crying because I am laughing so hard. This was epic!

  • http://kristanhoffman.com/ Kristan

    LOL. The last 2 pics are the best. (And okay maybe the ones where Marlo’s on her bum.) Gosh, Leta looks so mature! Can’t believe we’ve been reading about her since she was a baby.

  • Teal

    Man, that’s a good pout! That last shot of Leta is like a preview of what she’ll look like as a teenage. Lovely!

  • Amanda Gobaud


    That is all.

  • JRSF

    The Evil Fairy photo would be a great holiday card. Inside: “Bah F’ing Humbug!”

  • TWM


  • GP

    Oy to the vey! These pics (and your captions) are PRICELESS. First time commenter, and I *so* love your blog! I have a niece who is just as much of a ham as Marlo, and I’ll tell you the same thing I told my sister:
    Please, please, PLEASE get that girl in some dance classes, youth theater, whatever it takes. She NEEDS to be on a stage! I think she would LOVE it, and everyone who was lucky enough to be in the audience at one of her performances would love watching her.

  • http://ferryfolk.com Danalan

    Great shots, lovely girls. Marlo is going to generate so. much. drama.

  • Kathy

    Frame these last two pics!

  • http://smithshack71.blogspot.com/ SmithShack71

    Good stuff.

  • jenny

    It will be called; ‘Mom Sold My Childhood to Pay the Mortgage.’

  • Chloe

    Oh my god. That first photo of them together – SO funny the look Marlo has when staring at Leta!

    Absolutely loved the last photo!


    haloen vui

  • BeckyCochrane

    Those last two photos are killer. Love them.

  • Folaigh

    I mean this in the most affectionate way, but I LOVE how dorky Leta is.

  • Jaclynhoek

    The photos of Leta and Marlo together KILL me! I have two girls as well. It’s amazing how much power an older sister can yield just by ignoring her performing monkey of a little sis!

  • http://www.trommetter.com/log/ JasonTromm

    Do Mormons believe in arranged marriages? I have a very handsome nine year old son that would love to meet Leta.

  • Jackie


  • Kelly B

    I love how Leta went from “Ugh, take pictures already before Marlo goes out of her skin” to looking like she just snapped her fingers in the shape of a Z almost. She is the most fabulous Miss Vampira I’ve ever seen. And Marlo is totally Tinkerbelling.

  • Lauren3

    Leta is divine in that last picture of her. She is channeling The Jessica Lange, brunette style.

  • Beth

    So funny. Great costumes!

  • crash1212

    That last picture of Leta is fabulous….as is the last one, however ominous, of Marlo. Cute kids/cute costumes.

  • Kristin

    These pictures are priceless.

  • cattail722

    Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

  • http://www.jenn.nu/ Jenn

    Your girls are adorable. I’m glad that they had a nice time dressing up for Halloween.

  • Kelly B

    If she has her mother’s sense of humor? Definitely.

  • anonnynomnom9

    This has been your best post in a while – so damn funny!

  • Deanne Carte Groves

    all I can say….they are both beautiful…

  • valeria73

    You know? ITA. I’m actually impressed with how little of their lives are broadcast on here. I’ve read some “mommy blogs” that are horrifying with the oversharing (including a local one where the woman actually identified her favorite of four children, and not in a tongue-in-cheek way).