• Jennatorture

    The new less-anxious, happier you is so fucking awesome. Nice work, mama.

  • RobynH

    You should get a Mota battery stick that you can keep charged for travel and outage emergencies. A little peace of mind, though it is one more thing to bring and keep track of.

  • http://shaman-dalie.blogspot.com Running for life

    Have you ever noticed how slowly phones discharge when they’re around 80-90%, but as soon as they hit 20% they’re like whoosh! and they’re completely dead?

  • Scarlett

    this was so good! i laughed and i cried :) thank you :)

  • http://simply--a.blogspot.com/ Alison Toback

    “She wanted to keep the candles burning next to her bed, but I do enjoy being alive. Request denied.” Oh Marlo. I’m glad everything turned out okay. :)

  • Denise

    I still read all the Marlo parts with a 3 year old lisp.

  • Breanne

    I love the image of Marlo running around in a bathsuit on a Friday night… but I also love the real image of her in that dress with those eyes of hers! Stunning!

    Also, this whole story was pretty awesome. Except the part where you had to deal without power. That part was lame. :)

  • jenn

    I’ve heard that iPhones charge faster in airplane mode. (But we love that the universe gave you the beautiful gift of a slow, quiet, dark evening–so maybe the magic phone wasn’t supposed to charge faster. If it had, you might’ve missed that hanging-in-the-car moment with Leta.)

  • Ari

    This is lovely. Thank you.

  • http://oddlovescompany.com/blog/ Katybeth

    What!! You didn’t camp out in the living room, roasting marshmallow over candles and making s’mores? Sheesh. Ok. Next time. It is wonderful when your kid has confidence in you and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that your survival skills reach far beyond a cell phone when it comes to keeping them safe and sound.

  • lizandrsn

    Wait — I saw this on Sharktank: the PowerPot V Emergency Preparedness Bundle, Cooking Pot, Stove, 5 Volt USB
    Charger. You can make hot water for beverages while you wait for power, all while fast charging your phone and running a LED light. It’s available online or in the Big Box Sporting Goods stores. Even if you never camp, you can run this via any heat source, like a gas stove or one of those green propane bottles (there’s an adaptor). Lights, hot chocolate and phone juice — I think that covers just about everyone under your roof.

  • Wryly-SoCal

    Two words – Halo charger

  • Teal

    How in the world do you not have a clock in your house?! Just thinking about that gives me an anxiety attack!

  • LynArnold

    How did the dogs react to your reaction(s)?

  • Jodi T.

    LOVE THIS. It’s the little memories we seem to remember most and hope our children remember too. Candle party — I need to stock up, cuz that sounds fun!

  • kaptaink

    I loved every word of this post.

  • Kristine Clinton

    My 5 year old, Lilly, changes clothes more often than Kim kardashian changes husbands. She also puts all the discarded outfits in the laundry hamper, so i dont know just how many outfits have been worn until I end up doing the laundry and folding half her wardrobe twice a week. I ahve a feeling our girls could be besties! :)