• http://www.chookooloonks.com/ Karen Walrond

    A few years ago, our dog Rufus came wobbling in from outside, and collapsed. He was incredibly cold, so I picked him up, yelled at my daughter, “We’re going to the vet!” and rushed to the car.

    The vet checked him out, noticed he was cold but nothing else, and said just to be safe he would put an IV with fluids in him. I was to come back later to pick him up, take him home overnight, and then bring him back to be checked out again in the morning.

    The next morning, Rufus was FINE. Like nothing had ever happened. I looked at the vet in wonderment, and he shrugged and said, “Who knows? He probably just licked a frog, or something.”

    Here’s hoping that Chuck just licked a frog. Glad he’s okay.


    (P.S. Notice how it always comes back to Frog Fever? JUST SAYIN’.)

  • Amanda

    Oh I love him. And I’m so glad he’s okay.

  • Marie McDowell

    Oh crap, I’m crying for joy for your dog, that lives a few thousand miles away and wishing I could leave work right now and give my dog a hug. Pets sure have a wonderful role in our families, don’t they? So happy Chuck is doing better and all looks ok. :)

  • Katie Sutton

    Damn onion chopping ninjas.

  • Marleah Dolson

    So, so happy that Chuck is okay. Tears of relief for you all. Good boy, Chuck!!

  • Caitlin

    My 13 year old beagle had surgery last week to have a lump removed from her side because we thought it was cancer. I found out today that it wasn’t, that she’s perfectly healthy and she’s still got some time left. I know exactly how you feel. I am really happy for you.

  • Jen Moore

    yay great news! what a relief xo

  • kmpinkel

    Yay Chuckles! His farts might even smell a little bit sweeter!

  • Susan

    I love Chuck; it was he who showed me how to fall in love with my own dogs. Thank goodness he’s okay. I

  • http://sunnysblog.typepad.com sunnygirlsf

    super happy Chuck is alright. I couldn’t wait to hear the story from the vet’s visit. along with many others, chuck is one dog that means a lot to me and I’ve never met him in person! again, so glad he’s okay and that he has you as his owner. :)

  • Richard Morey

    So happy Chuck is okay! I mostly read your blog for stories about Chuck and Coco and wish I could post comments on the photos you post of them. Our dog is much more like Coco so I have double affection for Chuck and how mellow he is.

  • Julieme Wood

    Ummmm….. may I suggest “I know you think this is a cookie, but this is certainly not a cookie!” For next months tagline, header, message at the top of your website thingy?

  • http://www.featuringfinorah.blogspot.com Jamie

    Yeah for great bloodwork! I have to say that I cried when I read your previous post regarding his seizure and I also cried during this one (happy tears this time)! Excuse me while I go hug my crazy border collie named Homunculous (shortened to Munk-ey which totally confuses the kid when we get to the primate building at the zoo).

  • Jeanie

    Great to hear that Chuck is doing well. I’m glad you get more time with your wonderful dog.

  • KathyRo

    And his farts. They’re his gifts too.

  • MJB

    So glad he is ok.

  • Melanie

    My mom’s dog had a seizure once years ago, and it never happened again (unless I’m jinxing myself right this second). Point is, it really could be a one-time thing.

  • Annie

    Hurrah! So relieved! I think I’ll definitely be purchasing a Chuckles calendar (finally) next year, with this newfound awareness of his mortality and all D; long live the former Senator!

  • davanita

    Yay Chuck! Here’s to more farts! (sorry Heather)

  • patches23

    Marlo reminds me of a future Wavy Gravy. When he founded the Seva foundation many years ago to fund eye surgeries to help prevent blindness in the third world, he said “the goal is to keep people from bumping into shit.”

    I’m glad Chuck is feeling better. Much love to him and your family.

  • Beachstereo

    Yay!!! I’m so happy to read this.

  • BeckyCochrane

    Great news for Chuck! So glad.

  • Denise Webber

    Oh I am so so glad that Congressman Chuckles is OK.

  • http://www.schmutzie.com schmutzie

    As someone who recently revived her seemingly dead cat by sticking a finger deep into his ear, I know the fear. I’m so glad Chuck is looking like he’s okay! Pets shouldn’t be allowed to freak us out this much.

  • dc

    i lost it on the last paragraph

  • Kate Funk

    “certainly not a cookie” has a lovely ring to it – good call!

  • Kate Funk

    you and chuck are so lucky to have one another – i’m so glad to hear the prognosis is looking good.

  • http://oddlovescompany.com/blog/ Katybeth

    Good News! I bet it was a one time thing (My Lada had two seizures, the end). I hate it when people tell me to take a deep breath so I’ll just suggest giving Chuck a cookie whenever you feel anxious. :-D .

  • KristenfromMA

    Yay Chuck! <3

  • gwen

    So, so, so glad he is OK. A good friend’s dog has a seizure disorder — which was scary during the diagnostic process — but now that it’s controlled by medication, he is perfectly 100% fine and living a totally normal life. Long live Congressman Chuckles!

  • Alan Stubbindeck

    Chuck and Coco are the Internet’s dogs…I actually jumped a little when I saw what this post was about. Glad things are looking good!

  • Michael Mathews

    I dunno – thermometer up the butt works, too.

  • Michael Mathews

    Yay! I am happy all the news has been good. I just love that he loves to go to the vet. I have never had a pet that enjoyed that.

  • Torchness

    This is why I avoid people who are not “dog people”. Dogs are the best.

  • Carin Sweerman

    Yea, Chuck. Very happy to read all seems well – keepin’ mah fingas crossed that it was a one-time thing!

  • MazMonroe

    I love Chuck!!! I’m so glad that it seems to have been a ‘one-off’. Human beings can have those episodes too, as very scarily demonstrated by a friend of mine. (She remembered nothing of it, thank goodness.) I love Coco too!!! (P.S. The vet spelled persistent wrong, in #3.)

  • Heidi

    I bet Chuck’s going to will himself to live to be an insanely old age, if only to continue to give you all the farts ever until the end of time.

  • carly

    oh my goodness, heather. i am so beyond glad that he is ok xoxoxox hugs for everyone, farts optional

  • http://thoitrangplus.net/ xuenhxoang

    I love him. SO kute.

  • http://thoitrangplus.net/ xuenhxoang

    i lost it on the last paragraph

  • Julie

    Once I dogsat for an epileptic corgi and heard him making some weird sounds in the middle of the night. I FLEW out of bed and turned on the light, thinking he was seizing–nope. He was humping my backpack. Hang in there, Chuck! Love & tail wags from St. Louis!

  • Lindsey Orcutt

    So glad Chuck is doing OK!! It’s amazing how attached we can get to someone else’s dog that we’ve never met. Life is so fleeting – give Chuck and Coco an extra hug for me. I love reading about them both. :)

  • http://www.francescafinejewelry.com/ francescafinejewelry

    I’m glad that he’s okay and hope that it was just a one time thing. I went through it with a terrible outcome. It was a horrible thing to watch and something I will never forget. Part of me wants a dog, but then the memories come back and I say no.