• Ankita Narayan

    Oh, what a treat this has been! I’ve missed you, Heather!

  • Susan

    My god I’ve missed you!

  • Victoria Lo

    Just as amazing as I remember

  • Kim

    Oh how I’ve missed your posts.

  • Stacey Myers

    Missed you madly and this was a perfect way for you to check in and say Hi!

  • Desiree Johnson

    Oh how I’ve missed your mommy blogging!

  • KathyB

    Hi, Heather. Loved the new peek into your lives. Your girls are a trip.

  • Bonnie Bradley

    Oh. Oh my god. Oh my god I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.thejoyblog.net Lana @ The Joy Blog

    This was great! Your story reminded me of mine.

    My mom was my piano teacher from age 6 to age 12. Every lesson was a fight to the death, and when I practiced, I could never get away with fake practicing because my teacher was always there. I begged and pleaded, as pre-teens are wont to do, to stop taking lessons because I would NEVEREVEREVER want to play the piano again for as long as I lived, and she was wrong about me regretting it.

    My standoff with the piano lasted 3 months. One day while she was out running errands, I grabbed some books and started playing and loved it because it was all me, and no teacher-mom was breathing down my neck about crescendos and timing. As soon as I heard her car pull into the drive, I stopped, put my books away and jumped on the couch like I’d been napping the whole time.

    This game went on for years until I was about 17, and she one day said, “You know, I know your secret.” I acted shocked. She then proceeds to say, “I never play out of those books, and you don’t ALWAYS put them away in your frenzy to hide.” And then we laughed a bunch. A few months later she helped me copy all the sheet music I wanted to take to college with me. She died of cancer two weeks before my 30th birthday two years ago, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget her incredible patience in teaching me one of my favorite talents, and in also dealing with my horrible case of teenage drama queen-ness. I miss playing her piano, and having her hum along in the other room because years ago I told her she needed to stop hovering.

    And there, now you have the story of my life, brought to you by the story of your daughters on the piano. hahaha. <3

  • Renlish

    OMG… the giggles. I’m reading this at work cackling away and also wanting to cry because I know my aunt would have LOVED this post (she followed you right from the early Leta years when I pointed out how awesome you were) but she passed away at the end of July this year. Thank you for checking in, thank you for being the same as ever. xox

  • Wendy Richards

    So glad to have you back!

  • http://www.crazyadventuresinparenting.com/ LisaCrazyAdventuresinParenting

    “In an attempt to find a way outside of my body that laughter found a nostril, and a giant string of snot that must have been hiding inside my sinus cavity waiting for this exact moment suddenly shot out of my head. Must have looked like a caterpillar who was late to get his cocoon set up so he borrowed a friend’s Adderall.”

    Holy fuck, I snorted. It wasn’t pretty. You’ve been missed.

  • Nylee

    Oh, the emoji poop pillow. My nine year old niece wanted an emoji poop bean bag chair for her birthday. I ordered it, my husband got the wonderful job of picking it up. He actually had to say “I’m here to pick up the emoji poop beanbag chair”, then because they didn’t have a box for it, he got to push it out of the store in his cart in front of everyone. The first words out of his mouth when he got home were “She better like it!” and she did. So did every other kid at the party. I think my sister was a bit miffed because she and her husband bought the kid a bike and it was upstaged by a poop emoji.

  • http://www.theglasshouseretreat.com/ Maggie Pinque

    Oh My. God.
    Welcome back.

  • Patrick Brenzel

    you do snot humor equally as well as poop humor. In fact you, my dear, have just earned yourself a Ph.D. in bodily function humor. *wiping tears from eyes* Give this woman tenure already.

  • Kathy

    Thank you!!!! I have truly missed your voice. You are exactly what I need to read right now.

  • wombatcentral

    My daughter used to become boneless chicken and drape herself across the piano bench when it was time to practice. I get the head banging! Leta plays beautifully. And snot caterpillars are hilarious. :D

  • Candace

    Thank goodness you’re back.

  • http://about.me/lairdnelson Laird Nelson

    So very, very happy you’re back. Congratulations to Leta; she sounds terrific.

  • Michael Mathews

    I regret that I didn’t keep up with the piano after I left for college. Even if I never got better, it would have been a great way to destress from life.

    Leta is clearly talented.

  • Kaela

    Hello. I am the desert. This post was a fucking rain storm.


  • http://www.besttoolsforblogging.com/ Jordan

    Welcome Back!

  • http://hellothirties.me Bronnie

    Good god I’ve missed you! Welcome back – brilliant and hilarious first post back :)

  • Christie

    Loved every moment! You are why I began blogging 8 years ago.

  • Keryn Bruister Page

    Ahhhhh this was perfect!

  • Issa

    If she figures out how to make snow not cold, she can have all my money. Then she could but her own poop emoji.

  • Melissa

    OMG, I am truly laughing out loud! I’m so glad to see you back here! Thank you for this. I needed a good laugh right now. The reminder that we are all struggling just to get all the stuff done and that I’m not the only one that hates to ask for help is also a plus.

  • Tina

    Cry/Laughing is my favorite emotion. Thanks for this.

  • Megan Powers

    Oh how I’ve missed you!! I sincerely hope it won’t be 4 months until you write here again! Happiest of holidays to you, Marlo & Leta (and Coco!!!)

  • http://www.mamabirdphotography.com/ Jen Moore

    YAS QUEEN the future is female…10000 times like

  • antigone78

    Fuck lady, I missed your blog posts. Like, a lot. Thanks for the laugh!

    And super congrats to 1) Leta for playing like a DREAM and 2) Marlo for wearing tights (with a g) when she didn’t have to.

  • Miss lee

    Leta is so good. In the future the girls will never regret piano lessons.