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Dear Heather
Constructive criticism is not something you take well, and I’m not in your targeted marketing pool, but I hope you’ll respect the fact that I’m taking the time to write you and read what I’m about to write; I have only the best intentions.

You only care about Bangladesh because a celebrity asked you to care.

It’s your McDonald’s-eating, Yahoo-using readers that are responsible for just how fucked up the world is, and you’re helping to sustain that. And by using the shocking poverty of the Bangladeshis to solicit more readers to your blog, you are profiting it from it and using it to feed your family. It’s morally reprehensible if you are clever enough to know better.

Like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann, you probably did not get the memo, attending as you did a university in Utah. It’s too late for you to be properly oriented, I realize, but perhaps you can better educate yourself.

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