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I’m just a little angry. I went to your website. I read from the archives. Something about wanting to tell your bishop something about “how many sex positions you were in before you got married, while drinking a coke and wiping your mouth with your bikini top”. Are you kidding me? Who are you? Satan’s mistress?

Where in “hell” and I use this word literally- do you get off trashing bishops and woops, sorry-the actual church of Jesus Christ?

Because let me let you in on a little secret little sister…it really is His church. And you’re using all of your mega-arrogance-ego-fueled power to tear it down, directly and indirectly. You are worse than Alma the Younger on his worst day, and deep down you know this. I am not usually ashamed of anyone, but I am ashamed of you.

You could be changing the world for good. Revolutionizing it. You might have noticed the world could use a little help. You are a spoiled brat. You name 20 things that people in this world could give up for someone-and it’s likely I gave those up to join the church of Jesus Christ.

And then I read your blog. I want to be ill. Your “power” is transitory. And your day of judgement is coming. I hope He is more merciful than I would be. You are very fortunate that He still loves you. Ironically, He’s your best, and likely your only hope when the heyday is over.

Stop spitting on Him.

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