Wii winners and a few thoughts about wanting to turn cartwheels

Last night at about 6:00 PM I called my mother on her cell phone and asked her to pick five numbers between one and 42,232 to select the winners in the Wii and Wii Fit give away. She folded her arms, said a little prayer and then carefully made her selections. So five people will at least for a day have a testimony of the generosity of Mormon Jesus.

I’ve notified the winners via email, and once I hear back from them all I’ll announce their names here. Many thanks to everyone who participated, and because of my content management system the site held up pretty well under the strain, only once screaming out in agony. Its voice sounded a lot like Marlon Brando.

In other good news, at least for my marriage and the many months it has had to withstand the strain of book deadlines, I finished a round of revisions to my manuscript this morning. Not quite sure how to describe the kind of relief I feel by reaching this milestone, I just know that the manuscript is no longer digging its heels into my brain or waking me up in the middle of the night with thoughts of sentences ending in prepositions. These book nightmares are just as terrifying as the ones where my high school contacts me to say that because of some computer glitch my senior year didn’t count, and if I don’t go back and redo that year of high school then I have to forfeit my college degree. Because DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD I WORKED FOR THAT DEGREE? It takes me hours to recover from that dream, and I would much prefer to have the nightmare where I accidentally show up to the Homecoming dance naked.

For those in the states, I hope you enjoy your holiday weekend. We’ll be spending some time with family, swimming with Leta, and taking leisurely late night walks with the dogs. I feel like I have been freed from a several-year stint in prison, and tomorrow morning when we’re all lounging around in bed together, watching cartoons and stealing a few minutes more of sleep, I’m going to reach over to my bedside table, grab the copy of Elle Decor that’s been sitting there waiting for me to finish my book, and I’m going to rub it all over my body. And then I’m going to cuddle with it under the covers and whisper dirty things into its spine. Things like SHOW ME YOUR HAND WOVEN RUGS and LET ME TOUCH YOUR MARBLE COUNTERTOPS.