• Jeff_C

    Toddlers are so inquisitive! Great to see Marlo trying out new foods. More wonderful memories to cherish. :)

  • doobrah

    OMG- She has the cutest expressions! (That coming from someone who’s not really into kids — just dogs.)

  • SandraDee

    I don’t know what it is about toddlers and lemons, but my (now 8.5 year old) son used to do the same thing. (He’s still a voracious eater – his favorite foods are sushi and Indian, and our own ethnic heritage couldn’t be farther from both!!) He would grab the lemons out of our iced teas and suck them dry.

    We thought – hey – give him a salt shaker and a shot of tequila and NOW it’s a PARTY!!

  • table4five

    That is SO CUTE, Heather! That shoulder shrug with the dimply smile made me melt. I’ll never understand the lemon thing, though. Just the thought makes my mouth pucker!

  • miaagg

    This is just the cutest thing ever. EVER I TELL YOU. My uterus is alerting me that i need one of these…but i’ll have to wait.

  • editor ally

    oh. my. god. she is so damn cute. I mean really!

  • napangel

    You need to QUIT posting pictures and video of this baby. I’m 48 years old and need to ovulate LESS not MORE.

  • tiny apple

    we order extra lemons “for our water” at restaurants, just so our 4 year old can sit and eat them like slices of orange. happiness is going out without her and ordering an ice tea and getting to KEEP THE LEMON that comes with it.

  • MeganPaige

    So that is the cutest baby video I’ve ever seen. Ever, ever. Marlo just drop-kicked those stupid Evian rollerskating babies into oblivion with the power of her dimple.

    That is all.

  • CindysClipboard

    My mom tells me I used to suck on lemons all the time when I was a toddler. She said I loved them. Now, I don’t like the taste of lemon. I must have burned myself out on that taste when I was young!

  • ERStolpe

    My ovaries are singin’ the blues every time she smiles…
    I’m sorry to echo the factoid about the acid in lemons. Daily exposure to so much acid is disaster on baby teeth and the health of baby teeth determines a lot about the health of adult teeth.
    My friend Nancy does that to lemons and her teeth are BROWN, no kidding.

  • painterdoll

    One question, Heather. How do you LIVE with all of that cuteness??! My eyes nearly just fell out of my head from cuteness overload! : ) The only thing that saved me from having this actually happen to me was that I have built up my immunity by having the cutest ever Chihuahua in my house for two years…

  • ORKMommy

    My daughter used to love lemons. She’d make the most adorable scrunched up face when she’d put it in her mouth but then she’d keep eating it!

    Heather, as much as I don’t want to be a hater I have to say that you post an awful lot on here about Marlo but we haven’t heard much about Leta lately. Isn’t she nearing the end of her Kindergarten year? What’s she been up to lately? Has she read Tolstoy yet? When can we get more pics of that adorable new hairdo and glasses we saw a while back? We just don’t want to miss out on the Leta stuff because Marlo is such a ham! :-)

  • karacter

    Chewing the lemon wouldn’t be as much of an issue if she had some bourbon on the rocks to twist that in. Well, then you’ve got the choking on ice cubes to worry about. God, being a mother is exhausting.

  • angelynn

    Such a cute video. I kept waiting for the sour face but got those sweet giggles. My boys (ages 2 & 4) are incredibly picky right now. We keep trying new foods, but they’re so reluctant. I’ll be thankful when it passes. It passes right?

  • Bluestalking

    OMG! I think my ovaries just exploded!!! Repeat to self: I CANNOT have another one… I CANNOT have another one…

  • HumHumViz

    Ahhh, so sweet! Yum, lemon rind. She looks so much like she’s having a full conversation with her eyes. I totally understand the problem of having her crawling and looking for things. Our first was totally a ZEN child and the second was Dr. David Livingston, sure that Victoria Falls was somewhere in the washing machine.

    One day I came home and asked my husband where she was and he sort of looked around to realize it was totally quiet. I panicked and ran around searching and found her in her BIG Sisters room, not playing with anything but BRUSHING HER TWO BABY TEETH WITH A TOILET BRUSH! I am not kidding. She had gone into the bathroom, got the brush, hid in her sisters room and TA DA!! Instant potty mouth.

    I opened the door and she said, “BRUSH TEETH” with a big smile. Not wanting to totally freak her out like I did with my first about eating gum she pulled off the underside of a Starbucks table, I calmly went in, took the brush and the baby back into the bathroom, washed her mouth with water…

    And then my husband went for a vasectomy because the one I wanted to give him didn’t involve anesthesia.

  • shebiz

    OMG, she is sooo adorable and cute… summer infant monitor

  • kayakgrrl

    My daughter does that. (Ewww!)

  • camillaro

    Ah, that face! Adorable!

  • SMK1126

    Oh my God Heather, that is so cute!

  • CO

    My daughter does it too! She loves lemons and always demands them if they are in my water glass. It’s very strange!

  • reymiland

    That face she makes is just adorable. At least she will have her vitamin c for the day!

  • mollyawesome

    Oh my goodness, her laughing expression is making me make the exact same face, so so so cute. Can I hold her?!

  • Miss Lola

    She is beyond adorable! Heads up, I know you probably know this, but those lemons are terribly acidic and sucking on lemons is a recipe for disaster for her teeth…I work in a dental office…you do not want your beautiful baby getting decay…lemons are great, just don’t chew or suck on them!

  • Lucy_Luck

    It is so lovely to see (and hear!) you talking and her reacting to you – it is just the cutest thing! (Sorry to sound cliche, but dammit, it is cute!).

  • Mrs Jenna

    I’ve watched this video 4 times. She is so stinkin cute.

  • Christabellyo

    That SO made my morning. She is so adorable.

  • TexasKatie

    OMG, she is so freaking adorable!

    And I love her strawberry birthmark on her forehead – I had one, too, as a baby. To this day, when I cry, you can see it.

    My stepson LOVED lemons as a baby. He used to get that same sly little look on his face when he’d eat one!

  • Serenity Bohon

    Ah, the human vacuum years. Shortly followed by the Where-Did-You-Get-That-Gum?! years and eventually, Yes-Good-Grief-You-Can-Have-The-Rest-Of-My-Fries!

  • kaethend

    My seven week old makes that same face and smile and scrunchy thing that they do and it just kills me every time.

    There’s nothing better.

  • Woon

    Adorable! The lemon teeth enamel thing is true. :( I love how her shoulders go up with her giggle.

  • kristanhoffman

    Haha, my cousin’s baby girl did the same thing (demanded a lemon slice) at a restaurant, so we let her have it, and OH MAN did she make the best face ever! She clearly hated it, but she wouldn’t let us take it away. She was probably twice as old as Marlo is in this video, though.

    Kids are such stinkers, haha.

  • Cornelia

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Her expression is the best.

  • selizara

    I’m told I did that all the time as a kid – demanded the lemons. (And, I’m not going to lie…I still love eating them straight.)

  • fidothefatcat

    I don’t know if Marlo could be any cuter. Thank you for posting the video.

  • dtelisman

    My son is 2, and he wants to try everything, but then he won’t actually eat it. He begs like dog. He’s just a tease.

  • duffylou

    When she hugs her little self and giggles, well I’m just putty.

  • terrible_t


    My son is 9, and still loves to do this… but now that he’s 54″ (!) it’s getting really hard to remember him that small ^_^

  • tokenblogger

    I think that one might go viral if you put it on youtube. Seriously.

    What happens when you give her a pickle or some vidalia onion?

    Made me smile — and I’ll be showing this to the DH — he’s a lemon lover, too.

  • Lisa Golightly

    killing me with the cuteness!

  • ninesandquines

    oh she SO knows she’s got it going on :-)

  • AlyCat

    Oh my gosh, that face she makes is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

  • acm

    my kid is crazy for lemons. howevever, we never dare let her hold them while she’s eating them, or she’d eat the whole thing, including the rind!! eep.

    (oh, and the little hello shrug at the end nearly slayed me!)

  • Angeerah

    On Saturday my little guy did that with a lime. He would put it in his mouth, make a face, and then put it in again. He loved it! And no, that lime had not been in a Corona.

  • snicho2

    Marlo is so adorable! I love how she says hi at the end of the video.

  • verbalicon



    What a delicious little girl. Now I know what I’m going to do with the hubs this evening, hehe.

  • Tam4797

    A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. Sorry for the overuse of punctuation, but hey it’s not exclamation marks!!!!!!!!


  • Ena Murphy

    that’s the cutest video ever!

  • lorenawebber

    Too cute! Love your blog!