• Gretchen

    Thank you for this. My 5 and a half year old son is now a pro at dropoffs after 2.5 years of agony, but sometimes a mid-day visit to the school is traumatic. Today’s mid-day departure was fairly miserable, and then my husband had a temper tantrum after we left my son. Reading this was a huge help and gave me some perspective on the whole thing. I am now on the hunt for a better and more creative reward than Minecraft. Wish me luck!

  • Heather Armstrong

    Haha! “MFer” is going to begin every sentence that comes out of my mouth today. That’s exactly what she was saying to me.

  • Beth Rich

    For me it was Pokemon. Rock on, Mom.

  • Beth Rich

    Aaaaand for me, the only thing that worked was the promise of one of those electric Jeeps. Mine was a control freak too. It couldn’t be just once, we had a star chart going.

  • wh0oznicole

    I needed to wash her hair the other day. I bribed her with two pouches of Welch’s fruit snacks. I told her she could eat them in the tub if she let me comb her hair out.

  • Kelly

    Love this. I can so relate. I hope I can find the right bribery item some day.

  • Marty

    All day pre-school is too long at that age. I have 5 kids and none went to pre-school. Kindergarten was a half-day. My middle daughter especially clung to Mom. I was told by friends that she would NEVER be able to leave. She was the kid who got the “headache” at the sleepover and would have to be driven home. Fast forward many years. She and her family lived in France for three years–yes, I did visit! Two years in Japan and now living in Hawaii. They are all different.

  • Teal

    Aww…I see.

  • MandaJo

    I call my son Pickle baaaasically all the time. He’s 4 1/2 and hasn’t started correcting me yet. Pretty sure I’ll still do it anyway, too.

  • Grainne

    This post killed me! My son is almost 2 and has been in daycare part time for about a year now and never really had a problem with drop-offs. But recently we upped it to fulltime because I started working fulltime again and I’m now working this crazy job where I have days where I leave the house before he gets up and get home after he goes to bed and now he’s suddenly fighting it. The wonderful woman who runs the daycare told my husband that he kept walking around saying “mama? mama?” all day and I just started to cry when he told me that. One thing that helped deal with the transition was letting him talk to me on the phone. I answered the phone one day at work and it was the boy saying “mama?” He chattered at me for a few minutes and then the rest of his day went smoother because he was able to talk to mama. Not that this is helpful to you and Marlo, who’s much older than my son. :P

  • Tracie

    When potty training my now 7 year old, having difficulty, public health nurse warned me not to give in to bribery. Three weeks later I bought about €40 worth of complete crap from the local toy shop, wrapped it in Christmas paper ( in July) and told that 2 year old that every time he deposited anything in the potty – he got to open a present. Potty trained that kid in about 3 hours. Thank you bribery.

  • MallyMon

    I cried my eyes out every morning. I first started school after my brother was born during the summer vacation. When school started, I had to leave my Mom with my new little bro and she was MINE!!! It was very traumatic. Every morning the teacher sat me on her lap while she checked the register.Quite unorthodox – I don’t think teachers would be allowed to do that kinda thing these days!

  • Nicole

    What was the point of you writing this? To make Heather feel bad? She is working all day to support her family, and so of course she needs to put Marlo in an all-day preschool. And speaking of your daughter in Asia, I live over here, and Asian cultures put their kids in school full-time often at 18 months. There isn’t one right way to do things.

  • Marty

    My point is that other opinions are legitimate. Mine is that young children are happier with Mom or Dad rather than with strangers all day.