• maggie wilkin

    What a sweet, sweet post. I also have two daughters and they teach me so much every day. When they were littler, so much felt like work, now (ages 13 and 9) they are my favorite people to hang around! So happy you got these experiences with your girls.

  • http://www.livingthescream.com/ Living The Scream

    Loved this! Your girls are so cute and Disneyland suited you well!

  • AwesomeMargie

    This. All of it.

  • Richard Morey

    And it looks like Marlo didn’t loose her glasses! (Or take them off every chance she had!)

  • http://www.yangjanice.com/ yang janice

    “We see stuff when we are ready, and it’s usually through our kids.”

    I love that thought!

  • Tiffany Palella Cronin

    I’ve been following along on your journey since almost your beginning and it is these types of posts that keep me coming back each day. I may not know you in real life (expect that one time I met you during a book tour) and it may sound silly of me to say but I’m so proud of the parent you’ve become. You have grown into motherhood and womanhood so beautifully and you are so brutally honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly that it is refreshing. You made a
    comment a couple weeks ago about finding your tribe and it brought tears to my eyes because I remember when you used to sound as if you were going at this all alone. Your lives are so much richer, full of experiences, and love now than ever before. I too am a single mother and this post resonated with me because I took my daughter to Disney World last year on our
    first “real” vacation. I was dreading our actual time at the amusement parks and was shocked that I enjoyed EVER SINGLE MINUTE. It was the best vacation
    of my life and I’ve traveled my entire life. Since then we’ve been on several vacations because even though she’s only 3, she’s the best travel companion I could ask for. Seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes has been the best experience I never expected.

  • http://www.thistrailingspouse.com jessicafromsf

    So. Amazing. Thanks for sharing your week, Heather. I think we were all looking forward to this post.

  • Jamie

    It’s so great to see you smile so big and so often these days <3 How tall is Leta, out of curiosity.

  • Erin

    I really, really enjoyed reading this. Your joy makes me joyful!

  • REK981

    This is how vacation should be! So glad you had a good time!!

  • Alli7on

    I love it all!

  • KathyB


  • JayAre

    Love this post! I grew up in SoCal and Disneyland is still my favorite place. Even though I know I’m supposed to hate it, I just get happy when I’m there.

    (Isn’t it two sets of elbows and knees? Four elbows and knees total, but two sets? Or are there two top secret children? THAT WOULD BE SO COOL.)

  • http://www.rageagainsttheminivan.com/ Kristen Howerton

    Love these pictures! We had so much fun with you guys. The kids are already asking when you are coming back.

  • Elizabeth Bailey

    I’m so happy for you that you got to spend this time with your girls and had such an amazing trip! It also makes me miss my kids very much (they’re all grown up and live far away). I love that part about Marlo laughing, and what she said about princesses being humans and not real is hilarious!

  • http://www.mcfaddensglendale.com/ Happy Hour Westgate

    Wow! What a great blog you have published. I adore it and will share to my friends.Thanks!

  • Becky

    Did you have a horoscope that said your ‘old-soul’ would age “in reverse” too?!? Your vacation pictures look as great on Dooce as the smiles sound in your writing <3
    BOOM is right :)

  • Hope

    Just as everyone else said, your joy in this post is completely intoxicating.. and those photos… I love Marlo and Leta because they remind me so much of my sister and I, and our mom was a single mom too. I am 39 now and my sister 35, and yes, my mom even brought us to Disney as a single mom.. I only wish she took photos like this… but I remember it all anyway. <3 Thank you for being you!

  • theresa

    These pictures are fantastic! Everyone looks so completely happy and relaxed (and beautiful!!) So glad you all had this trip together.