A baby African antelope

I actually did try to figure out how to get this one on my plane home.


This guy was very difficult to fold up and fit inside my suitcase.

Wildlife Encounters, episode “Baby Elephant”

Finally I bumped into an animal that didn’t try to attack me or my house, die, or require emergency rescue.

Wildlife Encounters, episode “Frog”

Even on an island 3,000 miles away I cannot escape the wildlife. You would have screamed, too. Do not lie to me and say otherwise.

Shark week except with dogs

You’re right. These animals are alive and do not possess venom. BRIGHT SIDE.

“A madman sees what he sees”

One of the rare instances in which Coco is forgiven for being Coco.

Adventures with wildlife continued

I am very thankful that this is not about a dead bird on my doorstep or a rattlesnake.