Father’s Day 2016

June 15, 2016  Daily Style


Not included in this list of ideas is a the nudge certain fathers need to adopt modern technology. Although I will give my father credit: he finally caved and is using his dishwasher.

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I ran the 2016 Boston Marathon and all I got was a unicorn

June 1, 2016  Daily

I didn’t even notice that a unicorn was on the medal until Marlo pointed this out to me IS HOW DEPLETED I AM.

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Some feelings about a movie that will get me writing again, perhaps

May 17, 2016  Daily

I’d call this Part One of my Boston Marathon experience, but that part started the day I did my first long run.

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Hello from the other side

May 11, 2016  Daily Photo

That March Equinox has had a very long and debilitating shadow.

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You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry

April 12, 2016  Daily

Various answers to questions about the boatloads of fuel I’ve used to train for a marathon WAIT. I’m running a marathon again?! WTF.

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Team Wheatcroft

April 6, 2016  Daily

Meet Simon Wheatcroft, my companion in the 2016 Boston Marathon, he who runs for the pursuit of the challenge. And donuts.

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T-Minus 20 days

March 29, 2016  Daily

They refer to next few weeks as “tapering,” but I call it “holy shit it’s time to freak the fuck out.”

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